Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Gospel

Tonight was the very first time we shared "The Gospel" with ella. We talk to Jesus everyday. We pray in the morning. We sing songs about how much he loves us. We pray when we see an ambulance that Jesus would comfort those inside. We thank Him for our meals before we eat. We acknowledge that he made our beautiful day and we should thank him for it. We talk about how he made her hair red like mommy's and eliza's like daddy's. We read books where Jesus healed the blind man and was born in a manger. We pray to Him as we go to bed, thanking Him for our day and praying for those in need. Jesus is a part of our day. She knows He is with us and we can talk to him.

Tonight was the first time we shared with her that Jesus died for us. We used a very simple Easter picture book that I bought at The Christian Bookstore. She didn't like the spears in the soldiers hands and was very worried about Jesus on the Cross. The last picture shows that Jesus is alive and showed red dots on his hands where the nails had been. She kept saying, Oh no...Oh dear!" We assured her that Jesus was fine and that He is ALIVE...that is why we can talk to him everyday!

As we prayed tonight, I couldn't hold back my tears, and I assure you that I am not a super emotional person either! This is "The Gospel!" The truth that can save her soul! We prayed that these seeds would take root and that one day when her little heart is ready, she would give it to the Lord! We prayed that roots from these seeds would grow down deep in her heart and transform her life! We prayed once again that she would grow know Christ in a real and personal way! I have no greater hope for her life.

Monday, March 29, 2010

"Not" A Walk in the Park!

Saturday was a great family day for us. We went to a local festival that we go to every spring. I love to go and buy the girls some new hair bows and look at the cute kids clothes. I saw a lot of cute things and now have my motivation back for sewing. I just need to get it back out of the closet. It makes such a mess!!

Anyways, we shopped, we snacked on yummy food and ella got to ride her some rides! Sweet thing has been on ride restricition since the big tantrum she had at the outlets after riding a ride. The deal was she could ride one ride and then had to get back in the stroller. I normally don't let her ride them...especially when I am without Kevin. (It's hard to leave eliza in the stroller and man ella on the ride...if you have two small kids I am sure you understand!) So...she had been so good! I mean so so good while we were shopping that I thought we had matured some and were past the not being able to understand how to handle that "all good rides must come to an end!" We'll let's just say...we hadn't! I had to carry her to the car kicking and screaming. I am sure someone thought I was kidnapping the poor child....all while pushing my double stroller! It was a day! We got in the van and needless to say we had us a "come to Jesus meeting" and she's been on ride restriction since then.

So Glad to be back in the driver's seat!!

Can you believe my super frugal hubby paid 4 dollars for them to do this
slide 1 Time!!!! He must really love his girl or really like to slide!

Mommy and ella on the Helicopter! She loved it...
mommy got a little dizzy!

I was a little apprehensive when it came time for the rides and then time for them to be over...but she did great! It was a beautiful and fun day and I remember thinking how "smooth" our lives had been going! That's probably never a good thought!

We came home feeling so good! We'd all gotten some good Vitamin felt like we decided to go running! We loaded up the girls after dinner and headed off in our neighborhood! Kevin ran and I power walked it! We did a 3 mile loop and on our way back stopped off at the awesome, brand new, playground in our neighborhood! Ella was so excited! We've driven by it several times to check if it was open yet! She got out and was running! Daddy was helping her on the kiddie area and I was manning eliza and the stroller! We'd been there a whole 2 minutes when I heard a loud sound and saw my child flying forward! Kevin immediately scooped her up and I was trying to see what she hit! She had gone full force into a step and face planted with her nose! She was crying hysterically and blood was gushing from her nose! I began to feel weak and Kevin went into crisis management mode! He began to tell me to walk...walk faster...and we took off. She was begging for mommy to hold her! I did! We had about a 1/4 of a mile walk home! Her nose and right eye were already swelling A LOT! I knew it was bad! It hurt me to look and I kept telling Kev that I felt like I was about to faint. He kept telling me to keep walking! He did offer to run home and get the car...but I was scared to wait by myself! All I could imagine was me fainting alone with my two girls!

We made it home and got ella cleaned up and started to get the bleeding to stop. Kev called our sweet pediatrician to see if we should rush her to the ER or not! He advised us to watch her! We were all shaken up! Needless to say she got to sleep with mommy and daddy! She seems to be back to her playful self! I am so worried she is going to knock her nose again! She is super swollen and bruised! In fact she looks so different...almost like she just had a nose job or plastic surgery! I know it will take a little while for the swelling and bruising to go down....and I will be so thankful to see that perfectly cute little nose again!

I write all this to remember what I was feeling in those moments. I felt feelings that I hadn't felt for some time. Feelings of panic, fear, feelings of love so deep for my child that I would rather someone cut off my right arm than to see one of them in pain! I felt weak and insufficient for the task at hand and I felt utterly in need of my God! As we walked back I reminded ella of one of her favorite stories in her children's picture bible...when Jesus healed the blind man! She has looked at the picture and asked questions about that story over and over! I told her that Jesus would heal her nose too! As we walked back home I prayed outloud...not caring who was walking by...who was driving past wondering what in the world this family was doing...praying more fervently than I had in a long time! Knowing that my God hears and my God comforts!

I think we all learned some lessons through our first major "accident!" We were reminded how precious little lives cute little noses fast accidents differently mommy and daddy react....and how much we need the Lord daily! Needless to wasn't just a walk in the park!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

6 Months

Six Months ago I had a teeny tiny newborn. I cannot believe how fast the first half of Eliza's first year has flown. It's really rather sad and yet I am looking forward to seeing her grow and change even more in the next 6 months.

Her 6 month stats:

Weight: she was 13 lbs. 13 oz. at the doc. on Monday. She was 10% for weight, 25% for height and 10% for Head Circumference. She has grown a lot since birth, but my peanut is still a peanut! Does anyone else break into a cold sweat when their child gets weighed at the doc? Probably not unless you have a tiny child and are worried they haven't grown enough! My doc. said she is fine...just tiny and petite.

Likes: Eliza loves her sissy! Despite the pokes and rolls...Ella can always make her smile and more recently laugh a lot too! She likes getting in mommy's bed for early morning snuggles! She likes to play in her exersaucer. She likes to pull her paci in and out of her mouth. She has a little blankie square that she is recently starting to like. She likes to ride in the car and stroller...they always put her to sleep! She likes to be held and she likes to pull hair now. She loves to roll around and play with the tags on her toys. She has taken quite a liking to her daddy and smiles anytime he plays with her! She loves bananas, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, and green beans and peas, but will only eat them for mommy! When Kev tries to feed her she won't open her mouth for him!!! Lucky Him!! She loves taking a bath and loves to be held. She is constantly trying to sit up! We say she is gonna have some great little abs because she is constantly doing this...

Dislikes: She is not such a fan of rice cereal...although we are continuing to get some in her each day. She is such an easy baby that I cannot think of a lot she dislikes!

Looks: We get told most often that she looks like my dad and my nephew Landon...but in a tiny little girl way! She seems to have a light brown hair. I am wondering if it will lighten in the sun this summer! She has blue eyes like her mommy, daddy and sissy! We think she is so Beau-ti-ful!!!

Personality: So far Eliza has been an easy and content baby! I am so thankful...because the last six months have been rather trying with a certain little two year old. She goes to sleep at 8 and sleeps until around 5:30-6:00 am. She was sleeping until 6:30-7:00am but teething and rolling around in her bed caused for some new sleep disruptions. She does go right back to sleep after eating at 5:30 or 6:00 until around 8 or her sissy wakes her up! Last week was such a rough week for her sleeping! She had a little cold, teething, and no longer could be swaddled due to her rolling! We had lots of issues like this to deal with....
Yes, she does have a cute little room and crib, but prefers to sleep in the little crib in mommy's room (or I should say mommy prefers her to sleep in my room)! She does nap in her room in the day! We do what works for us and I assure you she won't sleep in our room forever!

Eliza, I love everything about you!! God did such a great job creating you into a precious and cute little girl! You are the perfect addition to our family and I thank the Lord for blessing me with you! Happy 6 month Birthday!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Photo Overload

This is one of the only pictures I have of me and my
girls! We were laying on the couch...that is why we
are angled so weird!

The Cutest Little Bunny I've ever seen!

Mimi and Eliza

Pirate Ella

Sweet Pea!

I am finally getting around to uploading so pictures. Now I just need to upload them to costco...edit them...pick them up...and scrapbook them! Maybe tomorrow!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Jess!

Tomorrow is my lil sis' 24th Birthday! I decided at the beginning of the year to try to celebrate each birthday in my family with a birthday blog. Knowing how busy Sunday's are for us I figured I better get it done today!

I can still clearly remember the day/night that you were born. Although I was just six, I remember being woken up in the middle of the night with the family in a stir to get to the hospital. Now, being a mother of two girls I can imagine the scenario quite easily. I couldn't get awake and everyone was rushing me. I believe I couldn't get my socks on right and I remember mom let the seat go back on me as I climbed into our old, Burgundy, two door family car! I remember camping out on the floor with the family from our church all night long as we awaited a call from dad telling us you had arrived. I remember painting you clear plastic bottle with polka dots using paint markers. I took it to you at the hospital. I remember playing with all the samples (diapers, wipes, and tiny bottles of lotions, powder, and etc.) that they sent home with mom from the hospital. I remember putting my dolls in your crib and thinking I had my very own nursery and live nice of mom to do that for me! I remember you choking at a few days old and mom running from the parsonage to our church across the street. I remember being so scared. I remember you being my playmate as you grew. I always was the mom and I always made you be the kid...and of course I was always the teacher and you were my little student. I taught you to say your couldn't say "u!" As you grew you always wanted my "stuff" and you drove me crazy at times. I remember you getting in lots of trouble. You had an independent nature from a child and I remembering wishing you would just cooperate! I remember you writing me sweet notes when I was away working at a camp for the summer and at college and you even sent me a tape with a song you recorded on the guitar. (Don't kill was really pretty good!) I remember you not liking Kevin at all at first...because you knew I'd marry him. I remember you standing beside me on my wedding day and being the first person I let hold Ella Kate. I remember you taking a bold stance for the Lord in high school. I remember you making a tough decision in college and trusting your future to the Lord. I remember your beautiful wedding day that was so YOU! I remember finding out you were pregnant and feeling jealous. I hate to admit that but I guess it is part of being sisters. I am so thankful for Titus and that the Lord knew the perfect timing for making you a mommy. I remember you always did what you set your mind to do (nose ring, belly button ring, going far away to college, Europe, Oregon, taking on new jobs... and I am sure there are more!) Some days I really wish God had given me just a little bit of your adventurous personality!

I write all this to say...that my life wouldn't have been near as fun or as meaningful if God hadn't given me a little sister 24 years ago! I think you are a beautiful girl with great style and flair! You never cease to surprise me with your great fashion and I am always amazed at what and where your independent nature leads you. We pray that tom. it will be a beautiful day! We pray for good health and some rest! You have been working hard. We pray that one day the Lord will send you back closer to home! We pray you have a great day tomorrow and truly feel celebrated!!

We love ya,
Kev, Julie, Ella and Eliza

Friday, March 19, 2010

Eating Times Two

Now that I have two little eaters it seems like mealtime is taking me forever! To get two tummies full and out the door is quite an accomplishment. Really it isn't, but some days it sure does feel that way!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Come On Spring!

I was playing around with this morning. It is a free editing site. You can pay for the premium site but the free one is great too! We can't wait for some warm, sunny days!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I used to be a Clean Freak...

and then I had Kids!! Today I read on another blog where they were talking about listing your cleaning and organizing tips. I am an organizer. It is strange because I don't feel that either of my parents are this way, ut I have been this way since I was a child. I can clearly remember grocery shopping with my mom as a child and always trying to organize the cart. You know...all the boxed items together, the cans stacked...and so forth! This drove her crazy...I do remember that and I clearly understand why now!! (Grocery shopping with kids is never easy, even on a good day!) As a child I always liked my "stuff" and I didn't want my sisters to mess with it! Yes, I am sure I was a bit of a brat!

This is an aspect of motherhood that I am learning to..."manage!" The feeling of never having everything clean is somewhat....challenging for those of us who are a bit OCD. The endless cycle of recleaning what was just cleaned is so tiresome! I told Kevin a while back if we ever got really rich, I wouldn't really want to change anything in my life except to hire a maid. Sad thing is I'd probably be cleaning before and after too! (I just wanted to interject here that I do not mind anyone else's clutter, mess, or disorganization...I just mind my own!)

I do have a few things that I try to do periodically to minimize and calm my clutter!

1)Once a year I go through the entire house...closets, drawers, etc. and pull out any junk/trash etc. I try to cover one room a day or two so it isn't completely overwhelming. I keep a Rubbermaid container inside and just start piling it in and this becomes our garage sale stuff! I think if you haven't used it worn it or like it...get rid of it!!! You wouldn't believe how freeing and wonderful you can feel after a decluttering session! (Just be warned it is harder to do with kids and you have to make a mess in order to get it organized!!)

2) I clean my house each week! Usually every Thursday or Friday. I am talking, vacuuming, mopping, dusting etc. My mom always did this every Thursday, so now I feel as though it is some unsung rule. Actually, it helps things to not get too dirty and grungy! (This is also harder with kids...I often do it when they are asleep and night or resort to some video time!)
3)I touch up throughout the week. I quickly wipe down counters, run the dishwasher daily, throw in some laundry, and do daily pick-ups. (This makes my big cleaning days a little less overwhelming!)

4) Usually twice a year I make us a big to do list. This usually contains things that need getting done around the house/yard that I need Kev's help with! I think it helps for him to have a "honey do list" to see what I need done...and prevents me from barking orders! We both like crossing off a list too!

5)Believe it or not all of our toys to have a "spot!' We have a container for blocks, play food, baby stuff, etc. Ella does really well helping to put the toys back where they go! Her daddy...not so much! (He hates my containers!)
6)We have certain toys that stay in certain rooms for the most part! I hate when you have pieces of random toys all over the house! Ella would surely drag them all over but is learning that the puzzles stay in her room and the doll house stays in the playroom, for example!
7) Once or twice a year we decide to eat up all the things we already have rather than buying more groceries. Example, the Bisquick and RITZ crackers that have been sitting there for way too long. I try to find recipes in which I can use up things! It sometimes makes for some interesting meals! It is always fun to go grocery shopping again after doing this for a week or two. It also helps to clean out some of the clutter in the kitchen.

These are just some of the things that have helped me to not be continually overwhelmed by caring for a home. It is such a big job! I hope they are helpful to you!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Randon Thoughts

I have been a slack blogger lately. I have tons of new pics to upload and things to blog about but I just never seem to have the time to do both.

I have really been asking the Lord for so "friends." I have lots of friends in a general sense, but I feel at this stage of my life I have lacked close friends outside of my family. I have seen the Lord answer this prayer lately, though at times it has meant that I had to step outside of my comfort zone a bit. I am thankful.

I have to have another skin biopsy tomorrow! Note to are a red do not tan....wear sunscreen....never let your girls burn! Yeah...I used to try to get a tan and actually got a pretty good one from a nice little fake and bake in high school! We'll, I am paying for it now! I think everything is fine...but I am not looking forward to having a chunk cut out of my leg and stitches! I think I'd rather birth another baby...

I was so confused about the time change last night! We put the girls to sleep and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why they were both still awake after like an hour! I was thinking it was actually later than it was rather than earlier! My mom enlightened me today! I do love that it is lighter later. It makes me feel like we can actually go somewhere or do something after kev gets home from work!

Ella has finally accepted that Christmas is over! Today when she asked I said, mommy's already explained that! She said, "It's okay mommy, it come next time!" Praise the Lord!"

I am about ready to get my sewing machine back out of the closet after a very long break after making eliza's bedding! I have some cute fabrics that I want to make into pillow case dresses for the girls.

We went to dinner Friday night with a couple from our Sunday School class. I had too much sweet tea. I normally don't drink caffeine after lunch or so. I was up until 3 am wide awake! I got busy on my scrapbooks. That is one thing that I never seem to have time for. I have been determined to do one for eliza just as I did for ella. I have worked on it but was beginning to get so behind that it was going to be overwhelming to catch up! I cannot do it when they are awake and it is too much to get out and get going on when they are napping (as soon as I get to working...someone wakes up!) SO, all that to say that I got somewhat caught up and it feels good!

Time to hit the hay! (Do you say that?? You do know it means...go to bed...right!!)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Titus!!

Dear Titus,

It is almost your first birthday and I wanted to write you a special letter before I went to bed tonight. I cannot believe it is already your first birthday. It seems like just yesterday I was calling your mimi every 30 minutes trying to find out how your mommy's labor was going. It was tough not being there on your "birth" day and I feel the same way today.

I will never forget the first time we met at the airport. You were so cute and we were so glad to finally get to meet you. Your mommy had you dressed so cute! You are such a sweet and go with the flow little guy!

We want you to know that even though many miles separate have lots of people here that love you! We would love to be at your party and watch you smash your little cake. We can't wait to see all your pictures.

We are so proud of the little boy you are becoming and we can't wait to see what the Lord is going to do in your life as you grow. We think you're great!!


Uncle Kev, Aunt Jue-Jue, Ella and Eliza

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Date Night

Last night I had a hot date with the hubs...and my little side kick (aka eliza)! I had gone out for a few hours on Thurs. night by myself and I kept checking my phone thinking that Kev would call if things weren't going so well (this is probably the first time I'd done that since eliza was born!) Finally, I decided to call and check and he said she'd been crying for almost 2 hours. She never cries! He tried everything. He was a little frazzled at that point..which I would have been too. I asked why he didn't call and he said he was trying to give me some time away! So sweet. Needless to say I rushed home as fast as I could. Little missy gave me the stare where have you been...I have cried my heart out needless to say she earned a spot on mommy and daddy's date!

Kev teaches our Sunday School class and is teaching through the Song of Songs right now. I have to admit that I was a nay-sayer at first. A while back he started saying he felt led to do a marriage study and then he decided to teach straight through Song of Songs. I kept trying to discourage him from it and encourage him to just stick with a practical "biblical" marriage study. He'd done it before and I sure those old lessons could be revisited and "tweaked!" Thankfully he listened to what the Lord was leading and not what his wife was saying. I'd read parts of Song of Songs before, but all that flowery, poetic language amidst topics that will make you blush really didn't seem "practical" enough to me. I am really proud of the digging and learning that he has done and is doing and each week the flowery, poetic language makes more sense after having it explained. I feel like we are both learning a lot. Each week we have had some homework/discussion questions and some dating challenges. The good thing about your husband being the teacher is that he can't tell others to do something without us doing it. So we have had to really work at this.

Last night we went on our date. He planned it all! Just like when we were dating. He didn't tell me where we were heading and even let me buy a new shirt to wear. I was really excited. There was no (where do you want to go, I don't care, where do you want to go, I don't know)! There was a plan! I love a date plan! We went ate here...we both like Italian and haven't been there in years!

He told me to chose his meal and he'd chose mine. I am someone who normally gets the same thing every time I go to a restaurant! At first I wished I could just get something I knew I liked (Chicken Parmesan), but trying something new might be fun too! I ordered him this.
It is the mixed grill! He ordered me this!
It is thee four cheese stuffed pansotti with chicken! Of course we enjoyed the bread and salad too! My dish was great! I was stuffed! We had great dinner conversation and eliza hung in there for the most part.

After dinner Kev took me to get one of my favorite coffee drinks! It is a Gloria Jeans cookies and cream frozen chiller! It is sooooooooo good! I hadn't had one in years!

Can you say stuffed and calorie overload! I don't even want to know!

When we got home and got the girls to bed kev surprised me and pulled out a movie I'd mentioned that I wanted to to see! It was pretty good but so sad. I was thinking it was a comedy, but it was definitely a drama! My date fell asleep early in the movie! Poor thing...he is such an early bird and I am such a night owl!

It was a great a refreshing time! We need to spend more time out on dates... time when we are not barking orders to each other, having to discipline children, and really able to talk and enjoy being together!

When was the last time you had a date? Make a plan for one next week!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Ella is our funny girl. She is at the age that she is learning so much and constantly saying funny things. Usually everyday she says something that I think, "I really need to write that down so we can remember it!"

Yesterday when she saw her sissy after getting a bath she said, "well there's my sweetheart!"

Every time she gets hurt...even the little scratch she starts repeating over and over..."It"ll go away..ten minutes, it'll go away...ten minutes!"

She loves to bother sissy. Daily she goes up and points to her cheeks and says, "Cheeks, one, two three four cute!" Usually there is a pinch in there somewhere!

She thinks coffee and coughing are the same thing. We got my mom a coffee gift card for her birthday and she kept saying coffee good...followed by a big cough!

Whenever she gets scared she starts repeating, "mommy got you, mommy got you!"

Sat. we were in the car and my mom asked her if she was mimi's sweet girl and to our surprise she said. "I not sweet girl!" Mimi asked again and so did mommy and she let us know that she was not a sweet girl! The things they do to!

She loves her cousins...all of them. Yesterday all day she was in an internal battle with her cousin Jackson. She kept fighting with him all day...except we didn't even see him yesterday. She'd have a toy and start saying, "No Jackson, dat's mine!" This went on all day! I think those two have a love/hate relationship going because she sure does love him!

She remembers everything. All I have to do is tell her what I need to get at Target and amazing she remembers every time!

I am sure there are more that I will remember as the day goes along. Kids are so funny!

*****Of course I remembered others that I meant to add! She is in the "I do all by myself!" stage...that's a fun one!

She is also still confused about what happened to Christmas! Poor Child asks me every day where Santa Claus went and "where da trees go?" She is so baffled about it! I will never take down Christmas decor after putting her to bed again!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

The "Moore" Girls

Cute Little Mimi

Mimi and eliza

Mimi and Titus. This is at the airport...and yes those
are tears of happiness.

Mimi and her very first grandchild at the fair!

Me and mom

Mimi wrestling a wild little ella!

Today is my mom's Birthday! It's funny because I call her mimi more than I call her mom these days. God graced my life when he made her my mom. She is and has been a wonderful mother and friend to me. She is the kind of mom who gives and gives and gives to her family. She is the heart of our family. How can I describe my mom to you? Let's see...her day begins early every day. I am talking like 3:45am or 4:00 am. That is her wake-up time. Yes, I do think she is crazy. She is naturally an early bird and always has been. In fact, I cannot recall one day of my 22 years living in her home when I woke up before her. She was always up before us. Oh, how I wish I could do that. She gets up early and has made this her life's routine in order to have time with the Lord. You will find her bible study books, bibles, and journals strewn about her chair on any given morning. Oh, how I want to be like her! She prays for us...all of us! This has always given me comfort to know that my mom was praying for me. I knew she was but always found evidences when I sneaked a peak into her journals as a child (sorry mom).

She is a teacher. She went back to school when I was in middle school after being a stay at home mom for my whole childhood. I cannot imagine being in college while caring for a family, maintaining a home, being a pastor's wife, and putting dinner on the table each night! Seriously, I couldn't have done it. She was determined as she knew they would have three girls to help through college in a few years. She arrives at school early (too early in my opinion) to get things ready for the day. She is a great teacher and still brings all her big ole books home every night to review her next day! She is a great teacher.

She is a pastor's wife. My mom has served faithfully along with my dad for well over 30 years in the ministry. I know those years have been both challenging and blessed. I have seen her serve in so many different roles because they were areas that were in need. She has been: a nursery worker, VBS Leader, Children's Sunday School Teacher, Adult Women's Sunday School teacher, she's led bible studies, she's planned women's luncheons, she's sung in the church choir, she even played the piano on a few occasions that I remember when the pianist was out. She's done it all. The thing that stands out the most about my mom as a pastor's wife is her humility. She is such a humble person. She never wants to be the center of attention or out front so everyone can see "Her." She never wants people to think she has it all together or has to be the one "in charge." She is very humble!

She is a great mom. She has three daughters who are all different. From our our hair color to our love languages and our personalities. We are all very different. My mom loves us all and is a close friend to each of us. In fact, we all 3 call her....every day! Yes, her phone rings a lot! She is always there to hear about our days, lend good advice about everything from potty training to medical emergencies, and always spends her time invested in our lives. We have already said that when mimi gets old...we're talking really many many years from now, there will be a three way fight over who gets to care for mimi. I mean she is loved that much by her girls!

She is a mimi. I would say grandmother but that sounds too old. She is a mimi to five boys (including out Samuel) and 3 girls. They all love mimi too! She spends most of her afternoons babysitting one or more of them. Her playroom is a lively place full of toys and fun. She never is worried about her house when they are having fun...even when I know she has probably just cleaned it and it quickly is a disaster. I would never worry for a minute when my girls are in her care. She is a fun mimi. She crawls down the hall, hides in the closet, tiptoes to papa office, colors , playes spies, hi-ho cherrio, go fish, and etc. (and yes all of these are when entertaining little people). It is a blessing to know that my girls have a godly mimi to help teach them about the Lord.
We all love you mimi! We hope you feel loved today!

Monday, March 1, 2010

A good far

Today has been a good day so far. kev had today off of work and that is always so nice. He let me sleep in... until eliza needed to be fed and he dressed both kids and ironed my clothes. I started a new bible study at church today. It is Beth Moore's new...very new...Revelation study! I was hesitant to join because I know that I haven't had as much time to devote to the amount of time a Beth Moore study generally takes. I am not good at going when I haven't completed the weekly homework. I know everyone says to come anyways, but I hate doing that. Usually, I end up in a late week cram session and don't get near as much out of it as I would have. I love having something to get us up and out of the house early on Monday. It is a great way to start out week, and no matter how difficult it is for me to get us there (on time is a totally diff. subject) I always come home feeling refreshed, motivated and ready for the week. So, I made myself join the new study once again. Have I mentioned they have free childcare and you get some adult interaction! I so need that! I was excited to find out that this study is a lecture series and has very little weekly homework! I think this is just what I need at this season. All that said...I am glad I went! Did I mention the hubs cleaned out my van before I left and loaded the girls?? I need him here everyday!

I don't know about you but I am so ready for SPRING! This has been by far our coldest winter in a long time. Usually by February we are having some good warm 70 degree days here and there. The kind of days that start out cold and warm up quickly! I cannot believe we may get a little more snow on Tues. night! That is crazy!!

I am starting my yearly de-clutter! I hate clutter and I hate keeping things we aren't using. I like empty and organized spaces! I am probably a little OCD too. I am ready to simplify and minimize again! I don't know about you but I think my next house will be teeny-tiny!!! The more house...the more space to fill...the more stuff to store and the more space to clean! I am thinking that smaller is better!

And finally, Happy 2nd Anniversary to my little sis Jess and her hubby ryan! Two years ago today it was warm and beautiful! I even got a little sunburn! It wass a beautiful wedding and the most beautiful spring day! We wish you many more years together!