Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Back to Blogging

So, I am back to blogging.  Over the past year my blogging has slowed way down as life was busy,  full of challenges, and at times felt like we were still in survival mode.  I have decided once again to get back to blogging for a few reasons. 

1) I began working on turning my little ole blog into a blog book for our family.  I uploaded it all and it is too big to be in just one volume, so I need to split it up some more, but WOW!!  It is like the best family scrapbook ever!  It made me so excited to see five plus years of our life bound in book form.  My kids love to look at their scrapbooks.  They love to see themselves when they were babies and I hope they will one day read our blog book and see all the funny things they did when they were little.  I also hope they will see the hard times that were lived out while they were really to little to understand, and see that God makes all the difference.

2) I have also been motivated to blog again as I read the other night on one of my spina bifida mothering forums of a mother who had been diagnosed with a sweet baby girl with SB.  She was told her baby would be a vegetable, that she would have a poor quality of life, and that the best thing for her to do would be to terminate the pregnancy.  I so clearly remember being told on the day that we received Eli's diagnosis that the best thing for our family and for our then 2 1/2 year old and 18 month old, would be if this baby didn't make it.  Just writing that lie makes me so sad.  If you know my girls and our sweet brother you know that is just not the case.  He has been both the biggest surprise and blessing to our family.  We cannot get enough of his sweetness.  

I write all that to say that this sweet mother who was struggling through the regret she was feeling said that she wished she would have found the forum sooner.  She wished she would have read Spina Bifida blogs and learned more rather than just taking an uninformed doctor's opinion. There were many great blogs that encouraged me in those early days and as we went through fetal surgery.  I was so thankful to get a little peek at what children with spina bifida are like.  It is my goal to share with the world on my little piece of this thing called that Internet that Spina Bifida is not the end of the world and with Jesus, faith and hope, life is worth living. 

So, I look forward to once again sharing our family and I hope that someone will stumble across our little blog and be encouraged and find hope. 

And now for a big i phone photo dump!
The bear was having a baby! 

Three sleeping kids are always fun to get inside the house!

He loves his sissy's babies. 

But, he is all boy too!

The therapy train!  Big sisters don't like to be left out.  They love Mrs. Cindy too!

Ella teaching her class!

Oh the messes these two make!

My little artist.  He love to color.  Check at that bicep...little buddy has such strong arms!

Walking with his chair.

He climbed onto the stool without his braces.  This is something I really never thought possible.

Hey mom, what's for dinner?

Three good dental check-up!  Eli, hands down did WAY better than his big sisters did at their first visits.

Sweet sisters.  I am so glad they have each other. 

Sweet Eliza doing her cheers!

Check back soon to see more catch-up!