Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It has been a rough well...almost 2 months at the gio house! Someone in our house has been sick since Sept. 4. I remember this date only because we were out of town for a friends wedding and ella got sick while there. Since then Kevin got a cold, I got bronchitis and cold induced asthma, ella had a mild cold, then ella got a stomach virus which lasted eight days and consisted of about 7-9 diarrhea diapers a day, which led to a horrible diaper rash, which then she took another cold just as the diarrhea ended.....(sorry for this run-on) then on Sunday she was diagnosed with pneumonia, and now Kevin and I are taking a cold...AGAIN! I can't tell you how ready I am for us to be well. I keep reminding myself that these are all minor illness that can be easily treated. I keep telling myself that there are many moms who would give anything for their child to just have diarrhea or a cold. Trying to keep perspective...as we all so ready to feel better! Thankfully we got a good report at the doctor today on ella and it seems the meds are helping her little lungs to fight the infection! Thank you Lord!

On a happier note my sis, Joy delivered her 4th baby early last Thursday. I was able to put ella to bed and head to the hospital in time for the delivery and even be back at home before Kev and ella woke up! Let me tell you she just popped that little guy out..I think she was only there about 3 hours before he arrived! He is so cute! Unfortunately we are staying away since we are all sick again. Hopefully soon Little Andrew can meet his cousin ella. I think she will be amazed at him and I know I am going to have to watch her every second since she LOVES her baby dolls. She may think Andrew is a new baby doll aunt joy bought her.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Birthday Pics Part 3

What is mommy doing?

Birthday's are SWEET!

This is so FUN!

I love my baby!

More B-day Pics (See Below)

My Girl!

Lots of Pink!

Ella's Cupcake!

The Birthday Girl!

ella's first party!

The Invites

The Birthday Girl!

Mommy's Crafting!

Party Hats!

On Saturday, October 4th we celebrated ella's first b-day! What a fun and special day! I have longed and dreamed about celebrating my child's birthday in a fun and special way. Every year Kevin and I have celebrated Samuel's earthly birthday together. He always takes his birthday off of work, we take one balloon to the cemetery and we reflect on his short and special life. This is not the way a mommy should have to celebrate her child's birthday! So everything in me wanted to CELEBRATE...this second little life that God intrusted into our care!

I hope you enjoy looking at ella's special day!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Reminiscing on your First Year!

Ready or not here we come!

Meeting Ella for the first time!

Day 2...we were so in love with you!

Ella's Home

Dear Ella,
Tomorrow you will turn one! I can't believe that our first year together has already gone. I rememeber last Oct. 7 daddy and I went to church and then ate at Rio Grande for our last outing without you. We were so anxious and excited for your arrival. We had everything at home clean and ready for your big arrival (my type A personality along with nesting led to a very clean house)! I was so worried that I wouldn't sleep a wink the night befoere, but God answered our prayer and daddy and I both slept until the alarm went off. We got up and got ready...we had to be at the hospital at 7am for my induction.

God answered so many prayers on the day of your birth. First and foremost..we prayed fervently for a healthy child and you arrived very healthy. We prayed that my doc. would get to deliver you...as she had walked with us through my pregnancy with Samuel and knew our fears and concerns...and she did get to deliver you. We prayed that I'd have a smooth delivery without complications and we did...faster than we ever imagined! We prayed that you'd come our crying and have your eyes open....these were so important to me as we never got to hear you brother's sweet cry or see him open his eyes. God answered those prayers as you came out crying and with your eyes wide open. Daddy and I had never heard a sweeter sound than the sound of your sweet cry! Daddy and I couldn't believe that we actually got to keep you...take you home, and love you. I think we said a million times...I can't believe she is ours!

Ella, you are such a gift to me. I cherish your little life and I thank God for blessing me with you. You have filled a place in my heart that was hurt...so lonely... and so wanting to be a mommy. Your life has reminded me that God loves me, He has a plan for me, and He knows my desires even better than I do.

I pray that you will continue to grow strong and healthy. I pray that your heart...even now will become sensitive to the things of the Lord. I pray that you will come to know Jesus in a real and personal way at a young age and that you'll live for Him your entire life. I pray that you will find God's plan for your life. I pray for your future...that God will guide and direct you each step of the way as He has my life.

Happy Birthday! Mommy Loves You!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My almost ONE YEAR OLD!

Loves watching Daddy do yardwork!

A cool Fall Evening!

So Pretty!

Peek-A-Boo and Walking...don't mix! We've learned the hard way!

So Big!

joy's Shower

My Polka-dot Cake...actually didn't fall!

My first attempt at a diaper cake!

The prego lady!

New boy stuff!

A few weeks ago I hosted a baby shower for my big sis who is pregnant with baby #4! Our Sunday School class always has a shower for each pregnant lady and I wanted to host joy's. Anyone who is prego with #4 definitely deserves some fresh, new baby items. Can't wait to meet the little guy..who will be the youngest member of our family for a few short months..until jess and ryan's baby comes in March! Lots of babies for the Moore girls!