Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday School Picnic

"Hi friends...I'm here!"
Mommy trying to catch her for a pic!

Daddy's Girl!

We did a lot of this!

And then a lot of this!

And then a lot of this!

So cute!

Not so sure about getting my hands dirty!
But it looked fun!

I really think I could jump by myself!

Oh capris fell down...I told mommy they were to big!
And daddy..don't just stand!
Saturday our Sunday School class had a cook-out at a local park...and sure enough it was cloudy and rainy (which happens each time we have an outside event). Thankfully we were able to be under a shelter and the rain held off long enough for us to enjoy the afternoon. Ella was quite a mess. At events like that she has a one track mind that says GO! It's like she cannot even focus on anyone or anything but running and playing. We spent most of the cook-out chasing her...while the other one socialized and then we'd switch. She had a fun time and crashed just in time for the ride home. I must admit my little baby is looking much more like a toddler these days. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Yummy Dinner

For the past few weeks I'd fallen back into a cooking slump...meaning I really didn't want to cook at all. This is a bad pattern to get into because it means eating out and eating not so healthy meals. I may have mentioned this before but just as I am not a wash and go kinda girl.... I am not a throw a meal together kind of cook. I wish to one day aspire to my mom's meal cooking (she can whip a meal together large enough to feed all 13 (plus titus and andrew who aren't eating yet) in no time. But as of now meal preparation takes a little time and effort for me. I also get tired of eating the same few meals over and over. It has to sound appealing in order for me to want to cook.

So this past week I was searching the Internet for recipes and found some great ones from Kraft foods. I have made three of the meals so far and they have all been yummy. Last night we had

Bruschetta Chicken Skillet (sounds fancy)! It was easy and yummy and I love skillet meals because you have less pots and pans to clean. Here is the recipe for those of you like me looking for new cooking ideas. It was pretty tomatoee(is that a word??) so if you don't eat tomatoes you probably wouldn't like it!

Bruschetta chicken Skillet

We also like the Tiramisu! It was easy, yummy and supposedly low-fat! Can't beat that!

Let me know if you try them!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Being a mom on sick days

I think my least favorite part of being a mommy is having a sick child. I know that getting sick is a normal and natural part of this "life" but it sure does make life harder. I hate to know that ella doesn't feel good. I do have to say that I do love the extra snuggles I get when she is sick!

On Friday night Kev and I went to dinner and then shopping around at the outlets. Kevin's parents wanted to watch ella so this was a good excuse for us to have a little time to ourselves. We ate at FATZ (what a terrible name for a restaurant) and left feeling...a little fat. Their poppy seed rolls with that cinnamon butter are sooooo yummy! We headed to the outlets for a little spring shopping! I tried this the other day but only made it to one store before ella was I decided that this is what we should do on our date! We found some great deals on some PJ's for ella at the Children's Place outlet. I love their footed zipper pjs! We racked up because they had a sale on some of them for just 1.99! Can you believe that! They are normally like 3 for 25.00 so we stocked up on her size! I figure once she is potty training these will no longer be the best option ...but for now I couldn't pass up that sale! I also found a cute shirt at Banana Republic for 50% off. Oh course as soon as we left I realized I had an additional 20% coupon I'd received in the mail that I could have used at both stores! Oh well!

Back to my title! When we got home I thought ella felt warm and when I took her temp. sure enough 101. We did Tylenol and Motrin through the night and took her to Peds Plus on Sat. morning. (So much fun!) I wanted to go ahead and take her in and Kev thought we should wait it out a while. I have normally done pretty good about not rushing to the doc at the first sign of sickness....but she has had no other cough, runny nose, vomiting, diarrhea, or anything. I always worry about ears and throat...the parts I really can't check. So I convinced him that we should have her seen. By the time we got there her Tylenol had kicked in and she was literally bouncing off the walls while all the other poor kids were sitting looking so sick holding their blankies and sippy cups. We were chasing miss e all over the waiting area! After being checked...all areas of concern were fine and it appears to be yet another viral infection that will run its course. So still today we are fighting higher fevers and hoping that it will soon run its course.

All the while I am trying to keep things in perspective. While a sickness like this really seems like an inconvenience to our routine, ella's sleep, and our weekend plans I am thankful that it's just a fever. I have to remember that this is minor and we have so much to be thankful for. All the while, our sweet neighbors are dealing with a malignant brain tumor with their 7 year old. Please pray for them this weekend if you think of it. Forester will begin a very long 6 weeks tomorrow. He will have chemo and radiation 5 or 6 days a week for 6 weeks. This is going to be a really tough stretch for them. Please pray for him and his mommy and daddy. You can follow their blog from my sidebar. They are the Bradburns.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bouncing Fun!

Saturday we took ella to a birthday party at a local bounce house! To be honest I was a little apprehensive...I mean to me that just says major germ infestation and I could just see her getting tossed around by some big kid! But Kevin of course thought it sounded like a great idea so we went. Ella loved every minute of it as most kids do! Kevin and her did every side and jump castle and believe me that she was not interested in attending the party when it was time for cake and ice cream. It ended up being lots of fun and I was glad her daddy was there to participate with her. (I've done my fair share of climbing through the Chick-Fli-A tunnel already!)
Can you tell she is playing bow! She looks like a chunky monkey here!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fashion Overhaul???

Do you ever feel like you just need a total fashion overhaul?? I do. I would love to be on TLC's what not to wear and trade in my wardrobe for a new one. Maybe it is this season changing time of year but putting on last year's summer clothes...just don't feel good...and am I ever tired of my winter clothes.

Today it is rainy and I threw on my yoga capris (no I don't do yoga) and a t-shirt and fleece. I put on my tennis shoes and threw my hair un-straightened into a ponytail. Truly in my heart I'd love to be a wash and go, crunchy granola, all NAT-U-RAL kind of girl...but deep in my heart I know the truth! I need my straightener, make-up and look better when I wear real clothes. But, it was the kind of day when you know you really won't be going anywhere other than Target or the grocery store. Surely this outfit works for that! It was funny because I rarely wear tennis shoes. (I'm telling on my lack of fitness here!) They just don't do anything for my legs! Ella seriously kept looking at me all morning like....Mommy what are you wearing today??? She then kept saying shoes, shoes, and pointing to my tennis shoes. I think she knew this was not my best look too.

Hopefully tomorrow will be sunny and I'll feel more put-together myself. Maybe I'll even go shopping for a deal or two. Until then I'm gonna try not to let how I feel on the outside effect how I feel on the inside!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Titus Ryan Epp

I hi-jacked a few pictures off facebook for those friends and family who do not have facebook. He is so cute and new mommy, daddy and baby are doing well. We are so happy for them.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baby Epp is here!

Jess and Ryan welcomed their little guy into the world this evening via C-section. Jess had a long labor and wasn't progressing..poor girl. Check here blog or her Twitter for updates later! I'll let them do the announcing of his name which has been a secret for the most part...and his stats. So glad he is here and healthy and so wishing I could see them.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Nephew coming SOON!

For those who know our family....Jess' water broke today while at her Ob on the table. How lucky is that! She is at the hospital and baby epp will be here sometime late tonight or tomorrow! Please pray for my mom as she is flying across country tonight to get there! She should be there sometime around 12:30am. Please pray for them all and might I add that this really stinks to not get to be there and be a part! This will be my first niece or nephew's birth that I have missed! Praying for a healthy baby and new mommy! YOu can follow her blog on my sidebar it is call EPPIC.

Monday, March 9, 2009

We survived our family vacation!

No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth...I know all my few readers were so worried! :) We left last Monday for a week in Orlando,FL. Last year when Kevin was on his work trip he got a great deal on a vacation package at a wonderful we saved it for our vacation this year. I have to admit that I am not so much a vacation kind of girl. I mean...I do enjoy them...I really do....but I hate the packing, unpacking, and being away from home/family/friends for a while always makes me feel strangely out of the loop! I also was really fearing the almost 7 hour drive with ella. I mean sometimes a ride to target..a few miles away...can be quite an experience. What about all her cups (about 3 per day) and snacks and lots of meals in restaurants (now I was really fearful!)

Needless to say we needed a getaway and some family time...and we packed up and headed off last Monday. I sat in the back seat and provided hours of entertainment while Kev listened to his i-pod with seminary lectures. Ella and I read the 7 books I brought about 50 times each...and although I love her love for books...I really do...after a few hours I really wanted a break. We made it to Jacksonville and stopped for lunch. Kev was proud that we'd made it that far without having to stop. We let ella play at Chick-fli-A and then headed on to our destination. Thankfully at this point she was ready to nap she slept for almost the remainder of the trip. I was so thankful to arrive and have the drive behind us! We were so proud of ella for being such a good rider...mind you I had lots of supplies (suckers, crackers, cookies, juice, and oh yes..paci whenever she wanted..which is not the norm!) But it worked and we arrived at the swanky JW Marriott at the Ritz Resort. I made sure to inform ella that this was also not the norm and that we are more of a Holiday Inn kind of family...and to not expect such luxury on every vacation.

ella breaking in the king-sized comfy bed!

We spent the week shopping, eating out, and at Disney! I told Kevin when we planned the trip that we were not going to be in Orlando and not take her to Disney. We both hadn't been in a long time too so we were excited to spend a day there as well. We headed to Disney on Wednesday and thankfully the weather warmed up a little for us. We arrived and yes it was still as magical as ever. I loved walking down main street. Ella liked the balloons they were selling everywhere. She really liked It's a Small World! She kept saying Wow! We rode some rides but to be honest waiting in a 30 min line with a 17 month old is hard...esp. when you have to park your stroller. She didn't like being held but then wanted to cut the whole line and off we'd go chasing after her...then we'd carry her back kicking and screaming. Fun times. So maybe it isn't all that magical after all! We ate lunch and I applied sunscreen to my fair little red-head and somehow she ended up wiping her eyes and getting sunscreen in her eyes. It is my fault for not bringing the stick sunscreen....I really did bring everything but the kitchen sink though! By the end of the day her eyes were red, swollen, and pouring water! She didn' t even want to open them! That is when we decided our day at Disney had come to an end. I think we'll wait until she is a little older before we go back but it was an overall fun experience. Her eyes were back to normal by the next day as well!

This is ella in Minnie's House!
Ella watching the parade and a tired little minne!

Ella's reaction to "It's A Small World"
Oh course we had to eat at Giordano's Pizza! It was Yummy!

We also enjoyed eating at the Rainforest Cafe! Ella loved all the animals! We had a great vacation and nice long ride home. I am thankful for God's safety and protection over us all while we were gone. Hope you enjoy the pictures!