Monday, November 29, 2010

Catching Up

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family and yummy food.  We always do Thanksgiving with Kev's family around lunch and my family around dinner.  We spaced it out a little more this year and we all got a good nap, and were ready for round 2.  I always think of how blessed we are that we have the problem of getting to eat so much good food in one day.  What some might give to walk a day in my shoes. 

Kev has had 5 days off and it has been wonderful.  It seems like we are constantly in a go-go-go pace that we rarely have much down time.  We actually sat on our couches for a little bit and watched some TV.  I enjoy and appreciate his time at home more and more as the years go by. 

I shopped the crazy Black Friday sales at a time my of day that I only meet once a year, 4:15am.  My alarm was set to for 3:00am to be ready to meet my mom at 3:45.  Kev said he told me to get up, but obviously I didn't hear him because my mom called my cell phone at 3:45 and woke me up!  I did manage to get a few really good deals...but it is more of a tradition than anything.  It is part of our Thanksgiving and I look forward to it every year.

Friday night and Saturday we spent decorating our house for Christmas.  I love decorating for Christmas!!! I remember as a little girl, I always wanted to grow-up, live in a log cabin in the mountains and decorate my whole house for Christmas!  I do love the decorating but goodness gracious it is a lot of work and makes such a mess in the process.  I do love the outcome though! 

Hopefully I can get back to blogging and life can take a slower pace through least I am hoping so!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A sacrifice of praise

Almost a year ago, a very well meaning Sunday School member made a comment during our Sunday School class that I have struggled with. This person was very well-meaning in what was said, but when it was said I just didn't agree. I have mulled over this thought often throughout the past year as we have encountered so many hurting people. The comment was something to the affect that from the stage or a praise team's perspective so many people look so....out of it, not happy, smiling, or like they are essentially praising God. I totally get what was meant being that we have a great, powerful, almighty God that is worthy of all our praise! The comment was meant to encourage others to realize who we are there for.

As I have thought about this comment it bothered me for a few reasons. One because I realize more and more as I get older and more involved in ministry, that the church is filled with broken and hurting people. People who are lost, people going through hard times, and people who are in need. It also bothered me because as I think upon my own life, the season in my life when I feel that my praise was the most authentic, most real, most honorable to God was at the times that I was completely broken.

I clearly remember my first Sunday back at church after having our Samuel and lying his precious little body deep down into the earth. I had empty hands, empty arms, and an empty heart. I couldn't even sing the songs with my mouth, but as I stood in the back of the church, with tears streaming down my face, I knew that my Saviour was honored with the song of my heart. I had nothing to bring other than the fact that I was completely in need and relying of Christ. That is what a sacrifice of praise really is, praising God despite the circumstances that are surrounding you.  This kind of praise not only strengthens your own faith, but honors God and blesses others. 

I think what churches need more of...rather than happy, smiling faces are genuine honest people who share in and walk together through the rough spots in life. 

I love the way this song by Amy Grant says it...."Better than a Hallelujah Sometimes."

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Catching up...a post of pictures!

Jessie from Toy Story

Eliza the cow!

Our tradition of making homemade doughnuts
and carving pumpkins!  I think she liked it!

Pumpkin Painting

Daddy the master pumpkin carver!



CBC Fall festival

Trunk or Treating

My girls!

Hee!  Haw!