Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy 6th Anniversary Kev!

The Last 6 Years!

Hilton Head Island

Pumpkin Carving


Tuscon, Arizona

Disney Cruise!

San Diego, CA

Bahamas Work Cruise!

Our Little Boy!
I thought I loved you before Jan. 31, 2006 but I love you so much more after!
I would not have made it without you by my side!
You were an awesome daddy to your little boy!

God is so good!
I will never forget looking at you with tears streaming
down your face! You were so thankful for your little girl!

One happy family!

I love you!

Tomorrow Kevin and I will celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. I guess at times it seems like these 6 years have passed rather quickly and then at times it seems like we've spent a lifetime together already. In fact it is hard to remember him not being a part of my life. I have been thinking a lot these past few days about what I wanted to write...esp. since I know he reads my blog now! :) I have said before that he is a much better gift giver and Fri. he surprised me with a watch I have wanted for a while now. I have been watch less for well over a year so I am so thankful to have a new one...and it's really cute too!

As I thought about Kevin, our marriage and our life together I kept thinking about how God has granted the desire of my heart for a husband through Kevin. Long before I ever met Kevin, I started a Journal for my future husband (yes I was a hopeless romantic back in the day!) My first journal entry was on September 26th, 2000. It became mostly a prayer journal and a place to jot my hopes and dreams for the future...esp. on those days when there was no prince charming anywhere in sight or even a mere possibility! I gave this journal to Kev at our rehearsal dinner along with my true love waits ring! (I thought he'd run home and read the entire thing...reminiscing over what a wonderful wife he was getting. Boy did I have a lot to learn about my husband. As the weeks turned into months I stopped asking if he'd read it all! I began to realize that this journal was more for me. It was my thoughts and times with the Lord!) On Feb. 24, 01 realizing that I had no clue what I was even looking for in a husband and somewhat frustrated over pointless dating I made a list of 25 very specific things I wanted in a husband. I went back and looked at my list in the journal, the other day, and once again it amazes me at how specifically God knew the desires of my heart and how uniquely Kev matches my list. I see this even more as the years go by and we grow together and in the Lord. If you know Kev I think you will understand what I am talking about! Here is my exact list:

1. Believes that Jesus is the only way to eternal life and has trusted in His Death alone for his salvation.
2. Is actively and daily seeking a deeper more consistent walk with the Lord.
3. Seeks to know and understand the Word and scripture.
4. Encourages, teaches and challenges me to know more of the Bible.
5. Is a home, in the car, out shopping, with his family, in sports, in lines, opens doors for others...not just me.
6. Takes initiative in situations, knows what needs to be done and does it before being a leader.
7. Is seeking to serve the Lord in some area of ministry.
8. Being with him makes me want to know, serve, and love Jesus more.
9. Is giving with his money, sacrificial, tithes, helps those in need.
10 Is humble...can be behind the scenes. Befriends those who are lonely, weird, hurting and outcast.
11. Is kind-hearted.
12. Is joyful and thankful-looks for the good in situations.
13. Likes to laugh and makes me laugh.
14. Doesn't talk excessively..realizes that silence is golden at times.
15. Is not a big complainer.
16. Interested not in the things of this world- expensive cares, possessions, etc/
17. Is laid back-can relax, can adjust to change. Is comfortable with my family.
18. Is encouraging...reassuring of his love for me, approval and fondness of my physical appearance which may not always be so fond!
19. Is larger and taller than me.
20. Takes care of his body, enjoys being active...helps to keep me active.
21. Is a hard worker and will work to support a family.
22. Wants to have children...hopefully several if the Lord blesses.
23. Loves people...talking to them, helping them, invest his life in others.
24. Is silly, loves life and wants to make the best of everyday...and spontaneous to some degree!
25. Will be trustworthy and faithful to me alone...forsaking all others.

So this was the list I wrote exactly 11 months before I ever knew Kevin existed and to be honest if I had to tell you 25 things about my husband I couldn't come up with a more accurate list! They are all so true about him.

I am thankful for where these 6 years have taken us. Through valleys and mountain tops...lots of ups and downs. There is one thing for sure...I am so glad God picked Kevin for me. There is truly no one else I'd rather share this life with. I can't wait to see what this life holds for us!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

This and That!

This will probably be a very random post! I seem to have a mixture of picture and topics to include. Last Saturday I talked kev into going to garage sales! This is something we actually enjoy doing as we both like finding good deals. I had seen a garage sale advertised on Craigslist earlier in the week that sounded like my kinda sale. We headed out early Sat. morning. I don't think ella had a clue as to what her mommy and daddy were doing with her up and out that early. She was a trooper. I found some really great deals that I thought I'd share with you. I am not someone who wants to bring home more junk but when you find things like this it makes it so worth it. If we'd only pulled up 3 min. earlier I could have gotten a ton more but a lady beat me to it. I was very thankful for our finds for both ella and eliza. Ella has already gotten some wear out of several of them this week!

Lots of cute smocked dresses, bubbles, and sundresses!

Cute Danskos for $3.00! It will be a while before they
fit but that is fine...they are worth saving!

New dresses for Eliza! :) Every 2nd child needs
a few new things right!

My mom and dad grilled out on Memorial Day and we joined them along with some of my other family members. My cousin and her husband and new little girl were also in town and joined us. We got some cute pictures of the little ones together.
Ella looking so big with the babies!

Papa and Titus!

Ella getting some "big sister" practice! She let him sit for about
one minute and was done. Titus is such a good baby and such a
cutie. We may not let them go back home!

And finally...ella and mommy's favorite indulgence right now...
Oreo pudding! Yummy!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon and Kate have proved one thing right...

money can't buy happiness! If you've ever been a fan of the show you probably were tuned in last night. I am sure their show ratings were off the charts as many are ready to know what is going on! Last night when the show went off I felt sad...sad for them, sad for their kids, and sad that the "world" is taking over another marriage! I am pretty sure that most of America saw them heading for a pitfall as I have..but I don't think they saw this coming! I think for them they thought they were climbing the ladder...wealth, a bigger house full of new things, tummy tuck, hair plugs, white shiny teeth, good tans, cute kids, fame, and did I say lots of money! They have everything plus some that the world would say should bring them happiness yet it was completely apparent that they are not. Jon seems done. Kate seems angry and sad. I think they lost their focus! I think they may one day realize how good things were back in that small house when they had little money. When Jon had a job and was working to support his family. When Kate still had some "baby fat" and Jon was losing his hair. When they had friends and family who loved them. When life seemed crazy busy with babies and family! Maybe it wasn't all that bad after all. This should serve as a reminder to all of us!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Help with Eliza'a Nursery!

I am bored at home again today (can you tell...two posts in one day!) Ella is still running a fever from her ear infections. I am praying it will be gone by tom. and we won't have to switch to another antibiotic like we did last time she had an ear infection.

So I am getting excited about beginning eliza's room. I have been looking at bedding sets for months and I think I have it down to two. I am pretty sure that we are just going to buy another crib for her. Ella is still very happy and right now not attempting to climb out (do I even dare to type that because she prob. will start tom.). Her crib converts to a toddler bed so we will just keep it for her and convert it when she is ready. We also will have to buy a dresser and a double stroller! We have been looking at those but so far have only found one that our Chico carrier will attach too. (Wish I'd known this when we bought it!) Thought I'd share some of the pictures of things I like and ideas for the room. Right now it is painted a buttery/sunny yellow. I will probably keep it this color as both of the bedding sets will match! (I also thought this would give my hubby a good visual and heads up of what my mind is thinking. I am sure he will really appreciate it!)

A simple white dresser! This one is from Pottery Barn and we won't be paying that much for one but you get the idea!

A simple White crib! I do not like them on wheels and I like to have slats all around so the bumper will attach around the entire crib! I like this one. It is from Babies R Us! It is a good bit cheaper than ella's was! Kev is really big on them being really sturdy and solid! He will have to check it out first!

This is my top choice for bedding right now. It is from Pottery Barn and I love the colors and little birds. We bought ella's bedding from there and it has held up very well through lots of washings! It is pricey so I also have a few other options...but I think this is my favorite!

This is a mural painted by the art teacher at my old school. She has a business where she paints kids rooms and etc. It is and she has some cute ideas. I know we won't be painting a mural but I like the ideas I have gathered! She does great work!

This is another view of the bedding blanket!

This is a canvas from a site called Small Words. I love this for over the bed except with ELIZA and I will probably attempt something similar on my own!
This is my bedding choice #2! It still has the birds and the polka-dots. It is from Target and is a good bit cheaper! It's cute and has some brown but I am pretty set on a white crib and furniture. Not sure if it would look as good on white!

I just found this bedding from Target too and I really really like it too! Almost better than the Target birds from above! We'd def. have to paint because the yellow wouldn't work! Okay...What do you think! Bedding #1 from Pottery Barn, Bedding #2 Target Birds or Bedding #3 Pink Damask and polka-dots!

What's new!

I've been a lazy blogger lately! I have several cute beach pictures that I need to upload and blog about but until then....
Let's see what is new in our lives. Kev finished his last final last night around 10:30( he takes on-line classes) and so his spring semester is officially over. I am so proud of how hard he has worked. Some may think that taking seminary on-line would be easier but I feel that it is just as hard. He works a full day comes home eats, plays with ella and then listens to lectures. His seminary classes are video taped and he watches the DVD's! I think he had well over 75 hours of just classroom lectures to watch in addition to weekly test, many papers including a huge research paper that he got an A on, six books to read each with a paper and his textbook reading. He is such a studious student which is one of the things that has surprised me the most about him. I mean he even reads and highlights the introduction to the textbook and reads every single assignment thoroughly! If you know my hubby you know that school hasn't always been his thing. I always wonder how in the world he graduated from college. (He literally would only go to two or three classes sometimes and even took a final at the mall!) I think the Lord gave him a lot of grace and probably some professors did too! It excites me to see how hard he is working in seminary and that he is committed to learning more. He keeps saying, "Do you think I am learning enough?" Kevin going to seminary was something that God defiantly led us together to pursue. I will never forget the morning that the Lord clearly laid it on my heart that this was the path he wanted us on. (It had been something in the back of our minds for a while.) It came at the darkest and lowest point of my life. It was at a point where I was like I give up Lord! I give up and really felt like I let go of my own will and desires. It was then that the Lord began to lead Kevin and I in this direction. He is now about 1/4 of the way through! We have about one more year that he can take on-line classes and then we will see where the Lord leads us! I am excited and ready...most days...and look forward to how God chooses to use our family in the future!
Other than that my little sis Jess is in town with her new little cutie. I can't believe she is a mom! She is a great one as I knew she would be! He is so adorable! I'll have to post a picture of ella holding Titus! Jess asked her if she wanted too. She did for all of about one second. Later that night after seeing visiting with them ella began to run a high fever! It was 103.6 and wasn't coming down with Tylenol, Motrin or a bath. I was really getting worried. I took her in yesterday and she has a double ear infection! Thankfully we got good ole amoxicillin and should be on the mend. I hate high fevers...even though they say the fever isn't too dangerous unless it gets too still scares me.
As far as being pregnant I am moving along. These weeks from 20-28 always seem slow to me. Not much going on and still a while to go. I am excited to get Eliza's room cleared out soon and begin buying the things to decorate it. (I am going to put daddy to work on his 4 weeks off of school!) Hmmmm...maybe that will be my next post! Have a good day!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Miss Elizabeth Anne (Eliza)

Yesterday (Wednesday) I had my complete anatomy scan. It was wonderfully "Normal" and I love normal! I really had a peace in the morning before the ultrasound. In fact I really felt the Lord reminding me that He was in control of this child. So easily I forget! Although I felt a peace in my heart and wasn't as nervous as I usually am...unfortunately my stomach didn't get the memo! Oh well, I am just thankful that it is over! One blessing of our previous losses is that everyone in my doctor's office is super excited for us and super sensitive! The sweet ultrasound lady tries so hard to not to ever alarm me. Yesterday she kept looking at Eliza's heart over and over. She kept saying...everything is fine Julie I am just trying to get the picture I need. The receptionists are all so sweet and always want to know..."How did it go today?" I love them all!

So yes, our next little girl will be Elizabeth Anne and we will call her Eliza. It is so funny because this has never been "one of my names!" You know the ones you claim from your sisters since you were young! In fact I have been saying that our next girl would be Audrey Elaine for years now...but almost as soon as we got pregnant I just felt like she was supposed to be an Eliza. I also really thought she was a girl! I am sure she will get lots of "little Liza Jane" comments! But... I think we are pretty set on it! Ella is too cute trying to say Eliza. It sounds more like why-sa!

We got a few good 3-D pictures which always seem to make it seem more real. They always amaze me! (Eliza says to bear with her..she is gaining weight as fast as she can and hopes her cheeks fill out more before September! ) We love her so much already and can't wait to see her in person!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

All week as Mother's Day has been approaching I have been thinking about many friends and acquaintances who I know this day can be difficult for. For many Mother's Day is a day in which you get pampered...breakfast in bed, flowers, cute cards made by you kids, or picking out the perfect gift for your mom. I never realized how difficult Mother's Day can be for some until we lost Samuel. I struggled that year if I even wanted to go to church that day. I played over and over in my mind if I should stand when they recognized the mother's in the congregation. No one really knew what standing would mean for me. I instead decided to slip out to the bathroom during this portion of the service and I remember my sweet friend Shelbi meeting me there. The tears just fell. I was a mother...I wanted to be a mother more than anything...but I didn't feel like a mother that day.

I know there are so many women who long to be a mommy and are struggling. Mommies who have babies in heaven and their arms literally ache for their child. There are also many who have already lost their mother and this day is hard for them in a different way. Tomorrow as I celebrate God granting me my request to be a mother....I will be praying for these women! Praying that God will give you peace as you wait and a friend to comfort you if those tears just need to fall.

(Thank you Kevin for making me feel special this weekend! I love you!)

Friday, May 8, 2009

19 Months

Our little ella is 19 months old today! We are inching our way closer and closer to two....and I cannot believe it! It makes me sad to know that her first two years of life are almost over. I love her so much and still cannot get over the fact that she is mine! At 19 months she is quite full of personality. She is spunky, full of energy and very loving. Here are the latest ella facts:

1. She is still quite enamored with her Papa. She talks about him constantly, cries if we don't turn into their neighborhood. She looks at his picture daily in her family book and loves and kisses it. She has got him trained to take her night night (aka jump on mimi and papa's bed...which then includes getting to take her shoes off, turn on the t.d (t.v.), getting down off the bed, asking for a cup of water from his bathroom and washing her hands! This is their routine and is it any wonder why she is a Papa's girl!

1. She loves to ride in daddy's truck and everyday when he comes home she tells us to SHHHHH because the truck is night-night! We told her this once as an excuse as to why we had to drive mommy's car!

3. She has made some big strides in listening and obeying in the past month! Hooray! She has had to quite a few minutes in time-out to get her here...and I know there will be many more minutes spent there! We are working on telling mommy or daddy sorry when she disobeys and also Jesus. Then we hug and kiss her and tell her we love her. (Sidenote...I usually tell her that she has to sit in timeout until she is as soon as she is put there she starts crying happy, happy, happy! ) It is really so cute but obviously it hasn't worked!

4.She is very interested in (Owies-really not sure how to spell that one!) She has a little first Bible that tells the story of the blind man who Jesus heals. The picture has mud on the man's eyes. She loves this story and looks at it several times a day. We've talked over and over about how Jesus heal's our owies. Now every time we talk to her about Jesus she reminds us about our owies and we remind her that Jesus can make them all better!

5. She now recognizes herself in mirrors and pictures and refers to herself as ewa ...which she used to call herself! I think because I'd always say see that's you!

6. She loves people and is a social butterfly like her daddy! She will say hi to anyone! I love how it makes people smile at Target or Wal-mart when she says he-wo!

7. She thinks she, daddy and mommy all have a baby in our tummies!

8. When asked who made the trees she always says Pee-pee (which is what she calls her aunt pam) and then she laughs and says Je-sus!

9. When asked who loves her she said Shack-shun (her cousin Jackson...and might I add that they are quite a combo when they get together!) She thinks he is so fun and laughs and laughs at him!

10. She picks one of my pretty blooming flowers each time we leave the house (usually while I am locking the door and then tells me it's for mimi! She'll hold that little flower in her sweaty little palm until we get it to mimi! Since it is for mimi I can't say no...but I may not have many flowers left in a few weeks!

11. She loves to copy her daddy! Oh my! He was eating a raisin last Saturday and used his tongue and no trick daddy! Well wouldn't you know ella refused to used her hands to eat her cheerios in the church nursery on Sunday and insisted on using her little tongue. Daddy was in trouble!

12. She now calls for us when she wakes up which seems to be getting earlier and earlier! She'll call mommy, mommy, mommy and then usually switches to daddy, daddy, daddy! Daddy usually gets her bearing milk and Playhouse Disney! He loves to see and snuggle with her before going to work.

13. She now loves to watch t.v. which she wouldn't at all until after we went to Disney World in March. She loves Mickey and Handy Manny! She watches them every morning while mommy tries to come alive!

I love the fun and joy that ella brings me everyday! I thank God that I am where I am this mother's day! What a Blessing!

Monday, May 4, 2009

19 Weeks and Counting!

I am 19 weeks today and hoping that this means I am half-way done. I have never gone past 39 weeks so I am hoping to continue that trend this time too. I am feeling really good and I think I am feeling some of that 2nd trimester energy now. We have been walking the past two nights and I know that is helping too. I am very thankful to be pregnant and wanting to enjoy each day as our new little one grows. I am vowing to not complain about the heat this summer or the ugly, painful and huge varicose vain that is now going up my entire right leg (Gross). It will be so worth it when I see that little face. It's funny because I have had at least 3 people say to me in the last week...julie...I hate to ask but are you....and they pause because no one wants to ask a woman if they are prego! Then I assure them that the new poundage and protruding stomach are for a good cause!
Kevin and I both have a hard time imaging what this little one will be like and look like. I am sure everyone feels this way when having another child. I know when she gets here she will be the perfect fit for our family!
Here are the stats on a 19 week pregnancy:
Your Baby This week your baby starts bulking up and packing on the grossly named "brown fat" she'll need to keep warm when he gets evicted from his comfortable uterine home. Other highlights this week:Vernix, a milky white coating that protects your baby's skin, appears all over your baby's body to keep his skin from getting pickled in the amniotic fluid. Think of it as if your baby has been dipped in yogurt, like those delicious but fake-healthy yogurt-covered raisins and pretzels. Ooh, we feel another craving comin' on. ... Under the vernix, a fuzzy layer of hair called lanugo now covers baby's body. Don't worry, your Mini won't look like Cousin It when she's born. Most of the fuzz will fall off before baby makes her grand entrance.Good news: Your baby's kidneys are fully functioning and producing urine this week. Bad news: That means there will be lots of diapers in your future. But so far you're safe—at the moment the pee just passes into the amniotic fluid.He or she now weighs about 8½ ounces and measures 6 inches, as long as a turkey sub from Subway on warm, delicious Italian Herbs and Cheese bread (or Honey Oat bread, or Oregano bread or ...)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Win a pouch sling!

A cool mommy blog is having a giveaway for a free pouch sling! I have never used a sling but I think it may be helpful for our new little girl (so so excited...i don't think I've mentioned that lately)! Check it out and leave a comment on their blog if you want to win.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Family Date Night

Yesterday kev called me from work just as he does everyday. We chatted and then he told me to have me and ella ready when he got home for a date. Our instructions were to be comfy and that ella may need a sweater! I love when he plans a date! :) We headed off for our surprise date. We ate a restaurant on the pier at the beach and then enjoyed watching ella play in the sand. We had a great family date!

My Fun and Crazy Husband!

Sweet Kisses from my girl!

She was too young to remember the beach
from last year and so she thought it was great!

She liked the sticks!

And she loved picking up shells!

A wonderful night together!