Thursday, June 24, 2010

Family Date

We had a little family date last weekend with a couple from our Sunday school class.  We hadn't really planned to take the girls, but it ended up working okay after all!  Hopefully, our friends who have yet to have kids of their own, aren't scared to death to have them after hanging with us!  We ate at a cool little restaurant on the harbor.  We ate outside and thankfully there was a little breeze to keep us all from roasting!  The girls managed to entertain those around our table and Eliza kept trying to teethe on the highchair (eek!)  Bless her little sweet soul if those toothers don't pop through know she is 9 months already!  I think it is time!  Here are some pics from our fun date!

Monday, June 21, 2010


We had a fun and busy weekend...but aren't they all that way!  It sure seems so at our house!  I was thinking the other day that I must either be getting older or more mature or maybe I just need a little break.  I was thinking about how I used to never like the travel part of traveling.  You know the long ride in the car.  In this stage of life, I am finding myself enjoying a few hours with everyone strapped in their seats, confined to one small space, when mommy can relax for a bit.  I assure you it is not due to the fact that our girls are super travelers either...but they do nap really well in the car...and so do I!

I feel like this stage of life is full on mommy mode.  I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything.  Kev and I had a long talk on Saturday, because it is easy in this stage of life to rush through our evenings with dinner, bath time, bedtimes, and then we both are so tired and stressed that we just crave some alone time.  When I say alone time I am not meaning alone as us together, but individually.  He likes to unwind by lifting weights and working out and I unfortunately like to unwind by watching TV or getting on the computer.  I think we both have realized that we need to work harder at this.  I remember the days when we were dating that I would sit beside him and watch hockey or football for hours, just so that we could spend time together.  I am not saying that I necessarily want to do that now, but now it really takes an effort on both of our parts to spend time together.  I think this stage in parenting can be rough on marriages for the single fact that you give and give and give until you feel spent.  I don't want to leave the leftovers of me for him (the tired, grouchy and bossy me)!   

Eliza will be 9 months old tomorrow.  Do you think anyone will notice if I slip a few rocks in her diaper for her 9 mth check-up?  Lil peanut is little and although everyone says, "She's just going to be petite," since I am the only one who feeds her, I feel like it is somehow my fault that she is tiny.  I know she is growing and learning and so I am not concerned about that...just hoping she is getting what she needs. 

Ella is...(not quite sure how to finish that sentence!)  She bouts between being so loving, sweet, and helpful to very difficult many times throughout the day.  Last week we went with a friend to the water park.  I just took her and left Eliza with my mother in law.  We had such a fun time together.  She was such a good listener and it was a really good day.  I think I even made the comment, "I think all of our consistent disciplining is finally paying off!"  (When will I learn to just never make comments like that!)  So I decided to venture out to her first real movie the following day with both girls.  Let's just say that I ate my words as I carried two girls to the having a major meltdown (I mean major as in a kicking screaming tantrum) over the concession stand and games.  Thankfully, the movie was free!  If you saw that, I do indeed apologize and assure you that the situation was taken care of!

One thing I know is I really need the Lord as I try to be a Godly mother.  It is demanding and sometimes really stressful.  Some days I feel spent and needy myself.  I know without a doubt that this is the hardest, best and most important job that I will ever have!

And because no one likes a post without pics...
Mommy and Eliza at the park!

Daddy and Ella watching the World Cup...aka Ella stalling bedtime!

Eliza doesn't like flash! She does this whenever I get
the camera out!

This is called Where's Eliza! Ella was trying to help...I think!

Monday, June 14, 2010

CH-Ch-ch changes!

In case you are wondering...I decided to do a little changing to my blog.  I have changed my title to one without our last name and I will be changing my url shortly.  I have lots to catch up blogging about, but for now I'll leave with a new picture of my littlest cutie!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ella Update

I figured it has been a while since I have written an ella update. I started my blog when ella was about 8/9 months (I think), and I am glad to have those updates to look back at now that eliza is the same age.

Ella...where to start!! She is full of life, energy and spunk! She lives her days to the fullest...I assure you! Ella loves people and tries to make friends everywhere we go (just like her daddy). She loves to be on the go. She is becoming a much better eater finally at 2 1/2... thanks to ranch dressing that she will dip almost anything in! She is a good big sis and loves her sissy, yet she still doesn't understand personal space and gentleness. My favorite moment of the day is when I hear ella saying, "Mommy, sissy wakin. Oh, so cute!" Ella loves the pool and the beach and isn't afraid of the water at all....which makes them all the more challenging. She loves to color, slide, sing, and play with her babies and stuffed animals. She still likes organizing things into piles and lines. She has an awesome memory. She doesn't forget a thing. For example, the other day she was talking about our vacation to Disney and she said, "Mommy, I saw Pete's garage and Minnie's House. Mommy, I not listen in Minnie's House." And sure enough that was the exact spot of a little tantrum. Yesterday she told me, "Mommy, we gotta rock and roll." I said, "What?" She said, "We gotta rock and roll like aunt joy!" And then I could clearly hear my sister joy saying that as she rounds up her kids.

Ella is very interested in Jesus and the Crucifiction story! This past Easter we gave her a little book about Easter and a Jesus kiddie movie. She is trying so hard to make sense of it all in her little mind. We seriously talk about this many times throughout the day. My favorite thing that she says is, "Jesus die on the cross. I die on the cross too. I do it all myself!" That's about as two year old as you can get. She also says, "Mommy, I need to pray to the cross!" (Very seriously) Then she'll pray, "Jesus I pray your cross all better, Amen!" She is concerned over Judas and also says, "Judas not a good friend" and does not like that the solders hurt Jesus. The other day she told me, "Mommy, I love Jesus' cross!" I told her ella, "Mommy does too!" I love hearing those little wheels a turning in her mind, as this most important story begins taking root in her little life. I just hope we get all the theology kinks worked out as she grows!

Ella now knows most of the (first)sounds for the entire alphabet (just short vowel sounds). This is thanks completely to Tad's Letter Factory and not her first grade teaching...phonics loving mama. She blew me away the other day when she went letter by letter telling me the sounds. While we know the sounds we are still working on recognition of many of the letters. Kids really can learn some good things from videos and mama gets a shower and we are all happy!!

I cannot believe that ella will be 3 in a few months. I am so thankful that God gave her to us and I pray he will smooth over our rough spots and work in her heart. I pray God will give me energy and patience as I teach her, discipline, her and care for her. I pray she will grow to have a real and personal relationship with Jesus and will make Him her Saviour. I pray she will continue to love others and will learn to be a giver. I pray she will continue to live each day with zeal and fun...even when mommy is tired. I pray for safety and that she will continue to obey and respect authority. I love you Ella bella!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back Home

We are back at home resting today after a super charged busy, stressful, fun, and overwhelming few days! It all started last Thursday with a wedding rehearsal (Kev was the officiant) dinner, babysitters aka mimi and papa, and a very late night. It progressed to a Friday night wedding, more babysitters aka grandpa and grammy, to another very late night, cleaning packing, rushing and being VERY, VERY off our schedule! Then we left early Sat. morning to drive to Atlanta for an afternoon wedding rehearsal (ella was the flower girl and Kev read a prayer), followed by a dinner cruise, which led to yet another late night! Sunday was busy because I didn't pack a dress and flew out early to the Mall of Georgia in a mad scramble to find something. Thankfully I did find a cute black dress that was on sale!! We had to arrive at the wedding 2 1/2 hours early to get ella ready and take a few pics. Then we had to keep her clean and out of mischief until the wedding started! Oh yea...and we are potty training!!

We didn't know how to feel without our girls!

So proud of Kev. He did a great job and he looked
really cute...if I do say so myself!

My wonderful parents!!
It was a great weekend and it was a lot of fun seeing old friends and sharing in these special weddings....but whew!!! One thing I have learned once again is that I am not a super woman and I cannot do it all!! The Lord continues to teach me this!
This past weekend ella was so off schedule, out of her normal environment and pushing every limit. It was hard and a bit worrisome since she had to walk down an isle and act accordingly! My nerves were shot, and I assure you Kev and I were more nervous and stressed out than the bride. The bride and her family were great and weren't a bit concerned, but when it is your is concerning! She did great and at the end of the isle after dumping the remaining petals exclaimed, "I did Great!" She was whisked away by mean old mom because she wouldn't sit down, and I feared she might run back to stand with the bridal party as she wanted to do in the rehearsal! We made a swift exit which left Kev with eliza who was sitting in a stroller eating puffs. I knew he would have to get up to read the prayer of blessing, leaving little e all alone! I prayed the entire time that she would go to ella ate her reward skittles and hopped up and down some stairs. Thankfully, eliza slept. Kev read, and we didn't crash the wedding!!
Don't be deceived!!! This only lasted about 20 sec.
Do we look at frazzled as we felt??
Possibly drinking the fountain water??
Eliza being my Eliza! She was a trooper!
So cute!!
We spent most of the reception outside doing
Mommy and eliza
Mommy and ella!

Could the princess be tired??

In other news....Kev and I celebrated 7 years of marriage yesterday, while driving 6 hours with two tired and crabby little girls. We dined on chick-fli-a and chips! To be honest there is no one else I'd rather be trapped in a car with two cranky girlies eating fast food with! That is true love to the max!! Oh how life changes!!

Oh...and eliza is full time crawling and pulling up! I hate this stage when you put them in their beds and they just sit up! She is a pro at her cup and is loving some formula! Praise you Lord! I am thinking weaning may come earlier than one year, which is my goal! That is totally fine. I am learning that you do what works to survive. I also like that I can monitor how many ounces this peanut is taking in better! We'll see!

Okay...time to get up! The princesses will be waking soon!