Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Eliza's First Week

Ready to go home!!

Sister time!

My first car ride...made me sleepy!

Ahhhh...she's home!

We went for a walk the other night and kev and
I looked down and ella was holding eliza's hand!
So sweet!

Sponge bath

My sweet big girl!

Ella wanted Eliza to wear her necklace!

Eliza's first doc. appt.

Feeling better!

I am feeling so much better and I am so glad. I feel like we are settling in to our new life with another child and to be honest it is going better than I anticipated. I am not sure what next week will be like when Kevin is back to work...more challenging I am sure. I have so enjoyed him being at home with me. Eliza has been a wonderful baby so far. She is so so sweet and tiny! We love her so much and feels like she has always been a part of our family! She eats, sleeps a lot right now, and is going with the flow of our family. So far at night I have been waking her to feed her every 2 1/2 to 3 hours and she eats and is going right back to sleep! Amen, praise the Lord. I will be glad when I can stop waking her to eat in the night, but until she grows a little bigger I will continue to. I know we have some rough nights ahead, but so far I am so thankful.

Eliza had her first check-up on Monday and she was only 2 oz. from being back to her birth weight. Woo Hoo! Her cord also fell off on Sunday night which I thought was really fast! She got her first bath that night and screamed through the whole thing!

Ella is being such a sweet big sis. She is so funny talking to Eliza. Today she was saying, "Come on, Titus...hi five!" Yes she is still calling her Titus. I find myself getting all mixed up with her name now too. Isn't that terrible. My sister Jess who is Titus' mom suggested we call her Elizas...that is what my brain keeps getting stuck on. Yesterday in the car ella said, "Hi Titus, how are you? Yous sheepin? Waked up! Share!" All in one sentence! As you can tell sharing is talked about a lot in our house right now.

I think the thing that has been the hardest for her so far has been the change in our morning routine. She used to get in our bed and "snuggle" with me while daddy got ready for work. This usually meant her watching Mickey while mommy drifted in and out of sleep. Now when she comes into the room I am normally up nursing and she keeps saying, "Mommy my turn, snuggle!" Today she waited patiently and when I put Eliza back in her bassinet she said so excitedly, "Mommy, my snuggle!" I think we are beginning to get into a routine.

I have tons of pics of Eliza's first week and I plan to upload them today. Have a great day! I am loving this cooler weather and as much as I loathe being pregnant in the summer, I sure love having a fall baby!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reflections on my first postpartum days

Good thing a women "glows" so they say when pregnant because there aint no glowing in the first few postpartum days. This has been my roughest go of it yet. This being my 3rd delivery, I felt as though I was well prepared for what the first few days after having a baby is like. I am not someone who like to lay around, knocked up on pain meds. I like to get up and try to get ready for the day! It always makes me feel better.

Well, if you saw me today you'd see my in pjs, no make-up, hair pulled back, and just hoping tom. I will feel better. I nursed ella and had to let my milk dry up with Samuel which was pure torture. I am familiar with nursing and engorgement and how rough the process can be. However, I was not prepared for this. Mastitis on postpartum days 4&5. My milk came in with a vengeance and sweet little eliza is trying her best and cannot keep up. I have tried everything! Last night I began running a fever, chills, aching all over and couldn't function. I called the doc. on call and they called me in a prescription at 12am. My sweet hubby ventured out with all the crazies in the middle of the night to pick it up for me. I am still feeling pretty rough today. There is really no way to prepare for cracked and bleeding nipples, swollen breasts, pain and nursing every 2-3 hours. I really am committed to nursing for many reasons and I am praying I will make it through this stretch! Nursing is hard in the beginning and I know the rewards both financially and practically speaking of continuing! Don't ever let any tell you it is a piece of cake. Maybe this is why so many women are so passionate about it!

ella and eliza are doing great! They are sleeping well and adjusting great! Thank goodness. Ella seems to really love eliza now, although she is still being called Titus. We are still working on it. I am so thankful to be a new mommy, but I really cannot wait to feel like myself again. I this frump stage will pass...and the mastitis will hopefully clear up soon. Can't wait to get on with life!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Things I'd forgotten about having a newborn!

1. How teeny tiny they are...esp. when compared with an older sibling. Ella looks huge now!
2. How hard it is to function in the middle of the night when you are exhausted.
3. How sweet they smell....even sweet little newborn poop!
4. How nursing is so not fun in the beginning...not sure it is ever fun but so worth it....let's just say the milk factory has arrived!
5. How careful and protective my husband is over our babies. He is a complete germaphobe and uses tons and tons of purell everyday. I love him for that!
6. How frumpy the frump stage is!
7. How you can feel skinny after having a baby until you try on an normal piece of clothing!
8. How newborns make all kinds of funny sounds and faces. Ella used to scare me with her eye rolls and whimpers.
9. How great it is to leave the hospital with a baby it tow. There is so much pride in being wheeled out holding your baby!
10. How newborns poop so much! Oh my goodness....we have used almost 24 diapers in two days!
11. How much you can love something so small!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

She's Here!

Most of my friends know by now that little Eliza Anne is here. We had a great delivery and she was bigger than we expected! She weighed 5lbs 15 oz. and is 18 inches long. She is a peanut and is so cute. We are still not totally sure what color her hair will be, but right now it is actually looking a little more brown than Samuel and Ella's looked at birth. She is doing great and is eating well. This is such an answer to prayer because Ella had such a difficult time nursing in the beginning. We are just so thankful to the Lord for another child to love and take home!

I had another fast delivery. Actually it was going slower than we expected and eliza was having some dips in her heart rate. My doctor was trying to keep me from getting worried but I could tell that she was worrying. I think after being my doctor through my pregnancy with Samuel, she always feels an added burden of getting my babies here safely. At 2:00 she checked me and I was at 6cm and still about 80%. Not bad but just not as fast as I went with ella. Around 2:25 my doc. and nurse came in to move me to my other side and I told her that on my last cont. I felt a little pressure. She said that would be the best news of the day! She checked me again and I was complete and eliza was coming. It became another mad panic to get the nursery people there and all the delivery stuff ready and I was trying not to push or scream. Yeah this was my most painful delivery for sure. My doc. said it was because she was coming so fast that my epi. wasn't able to block the pain. I don't know but it was not a fun few minutes. I was so thankful it was fast. She was born at 2:32...and was pink and crying. I cannot tell you what a blessing it is to have another healthy child.

Ella came to visit us last night and meet her sis. She thinks she is her cousin Titus. (Titus, please don't be def. don't look girly!) Maybe she is in denial that eliza is really here. She was very scared of mommy. My IV line was still in and I had some bandages on my arm. I think she was also scared of the hospital bed. She wouldn't even let me hold her. It did make me sad but I know she is so confused over all that has happened these past few days. She came by this morning and was better. She let me love on her some and still thinks that eliza is Titus. We have lots of adjusting to do in the next few weeks.

Thank you to all my friends and family who have been praying for us and for eliza. The Lord has once again been faithful and answered our prayers! Thank you for your sweet comments on facebook and my blog. It has meant so much to kevin and I. :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Letters to my Girls

Dear Ella,
Tonight mommy's heart feels a mix of emotions! I didn't want to put you in bed tonight and can't imagine not being with you for a few days. We have never spent a night apart! You are my pickles, my lovey dovey, my sweet pea. I love you so much! Tomorrow you will become a big sister! You are gonna be an awesome big sister! Eliza is going to love watching you and learning from you. I know you will be a great helper and will take good care of her. I know you might feel sad sometimes when mommy is busy taking care of her. We will figure it out. I know you might wish you were a baby again sometimes and that is okay too. I will miss you tomorrow and I can't wait to see you at the hospital.

Dear Eliza,
Tomorrow is a big day for the both of us! We both have lots of work to do. I feel nervous and yet so excited about tomorrow. I cannot imagine you yet...what you will look like...act like...who you will be. I know one thing is for sure, from the moment my eyes see you, my heart will love you forever. You will be my little girl. You get to be our baby. I cannot wait to watch you steal your daddy's heart just as your sister ella has done. Mommy is praying that you will come out healthy and strong tomorrow! I am praying that you are hungry and are a great eater! So nestle close inside for one more long night little one. Tomorrow is your Birthday!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Count down to Baby!

I think Kev and I have to keep pinching ourselves that we are really almost at delivery day! I seriously feel like I have been pregnant for forever! I am not exaggerating when I say it has almost been an entire year! I know you are confused. We got pregnant early last October and then miscarried at 10 weeks! By the grace of God we pregnant again two weeks later with eliza so all in all it has been almost a full year. Can I just tell you how ready I am to not be wearing these maternity clothes. I may not fit in a single thing next week but I can assure you that I will not be wearing these same clothes. I will settle for anything else. I am just at that point that I think God created where you are so ready to not be pregnant that you don't care what has to happen to your body in order to get the baby out. Let's just say that I am no longer glowing!

Friday was another intersting appointment and eliza wasn't moving and reactive enough on the NST. So I got another ultrasound. With ella I had like 11 ultrasounds and I thought that I was back to being normal,but due to these past two and a half weeks I think I may have had more with eliza. I am thankful that she decided to wake up from her nap in time for the ultrasound and get back to moving! The bp through the cord has continued to improve and she was practicing her breathing like a little champ. So everything is set for early Tuesday morning.

We (I mean kev) has some big house cleaning to do tonight and tom. and I am gonna try to reach my toes one last time. We got ella a big sister present today...a new baby, her own baby wipes and baby doll diapers. Poor thing! This is gonna be a big week for her! I cannot wait to see her reaction to eliza and to finally see them together.

Thanks for your prayers and concern over my pregnancy and bed rest time. It was the longest 2 1/2 weeks of my life but I am thankful that we have almost made it. Please pray that eliza will be larger than expected and will be healthy and ready to come home with us. Thanks!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Worry is such a terrible thing. It can put you in a crummy mood, steal your joy, make you feel sick, and make for a very long day! I woke up this morning around 4am full of worry! I normally don't feel that I am an overly worried person, but there are always certain big worries that bother me. Let me just tell you that being wide awake at 4am when you are on bed rest can make for a very long day! I felt that anxious feeling over my induction on Tues. I am no longer worried over being at the hospital, pain, needles like I was in my first pregnancy...but I was worried about the timing of it all. I had a super fast delivery with 4 hours from the beginning of the induction... and she was coming faster than my doctor could get back from lunch. I have that GB strep this time (I didn't have it with samuel or ella) and have to have the antibiotics prior to delivery. You have to have 4 hours between doses. My doctor said she was worried about this delivery going even faster and will be trying to slow things down. I was worried about getting the antibiotics and epidural in time! These are both things that I have absolutely NO control over but the worry over them was not fun.

I have a dermatology appointment in November that I have been putting off until after I have eliza. I have a few moles and sunspots that are very concerning to me. I read something in a magazine yesterday that really caused me to really worry. In my mind I already have skin cancer, facing major surgery on my face, and am dying leaving Kev alone with two little girls. Isn't this terrible. I do regularly go to the dermatologist because skin cancer runs in my family and hello...I am a prime candidate! This fear is one that seems to always get me.

As a mom I always worry over my kids. The worst thought in the world is something happening to them. I worry about big things like cancer or car wrecks! Fears like these can stop you in your tracks.

So at 4 am in the morning what is one to do. I wasn't gonna wake Kevin up and tell him that I was sitting in the pit of worry! He'd be half awake and not ready to give sound me. I wasn't gonna call my mom...although she was most likely awake (she's a super early bird)...and let her help calm my worries. My only option was the only option that really can do anything about these worries at all. I laid in my bed and cried out to the Lord...confessing my fears and lack of faith. Trying to release these things to him and begging Him for protection over myself and my family. Thankfully I was able to go back to sleep after a few hours and woke up feeling so much better.

"Cast your cares upon Him, for He cares for you!"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday's appointment

I had a good appointment today other than the fact that it took 3 hours. I had an ultrasound, NST and then a regular check-up. Eliza appears to be growing and is now a little over 5 lbs. She is still small but my doc. said there is a margin of error and it could be up to a lb. I am praying she is larger than the ultrasound showed. We know she will be small but I am praying she may reach 6lbs before next Tuesday. Our induction date is set for next Tuesday morning. I feel excited just to have a for sure date. I was also excited to find out that I am still progressing even though I am on bed rest. I'll spare you the details. We also got good news that the blood pressure through the cord is continuing to on bed rest I'll continue! I can almost see the end in sight...and that makes me feel better. I have some new 3D pics of eliza that I will post later once we upload them.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Trying to find the silver lining!

Today I am sitting at home for the third week in a row while Kevin and ella are at church. I miss being there feel somewhat disconnected from the world. I know now that it will be several weeks until I will be able to go back to church...unless I can beg my doc. to let me off bed rest a little next weekend! I am so eager to get out and get moving! I miss going about my daily life, running errands, picking up ella, cooking, and yes even cleaning my house. I know these are all things that I normally loathe....and they all wear me out and can be daily frustrations, but not being able to do them has given me a new appreciation for my Independence. I may have this baby and hit the ground running...literally!

So while I am sitting trying to not feel sorry for myself (which is a terrible place to be) I figured I should try to focus on all the things I have to be thankful for today. This always makes me feel better!
1. I am normally healthy and under normal circumstances lead a very busy and full life.
2. I normally can drive a car and take care of ella and my family.
3. I have a healthy almost 2 year old...who is growing and active!
4. I have a husband who loves me and is working hard to take care of us.
5. I have a house..and many in the world do not!
6. I have a baby that is alive inside of me.
7. I have a doctor who is very cautious and cares for the health of my unborn child.
8. I have clean carpets...kev cleaned them yesterday.
9. I have got a lot done in the weeks prior to my bed rest which was a good thing!
10. I am almost done with this pregnancy...8 more days!
11. Eliza's condition of growth restriction...although it can be serious so far she seems to be growing and tolerating being inside for a while longer.
12. I have people who love me and can help me when needed.
13. I can get up and take a shower everyday...I am sure some women on bed rest can't do that!
As always there are so many things to be thankful for...even when life isn't going as you'd like!
Praying that I can stay focused on the goal of getting this baby girl here healthy and safe this next week...because I'd sure love to sneak off to Target while everyone I know is at church! Don't worry mom...I won't!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fri. appointment

Today's appointment went well. Eliza slept through the first part of my non-stress (very stressful test)! Her heart was beating so I knew she was alive but her heartbeat was very non-reactive and I kept waiting on her kicks. I began to stress and decided in my mind that they'd be sending me straight to the hospital. I knew the strip didn't look quite as it should. The nurse got me some juice and about 10 minutes later she finally woke up and began to do some kicks. About 45 minutes later, they said it looked good...and I didn't need an ultrasound today so that was good. My stomach showed some growth from last week...still about 2 weeks smaller than it should measure...but at least it appears that she may have grown! If not, I surely did...I'll spare you on my weeks weight gain..but let's just say I did my part! So 10 days or less and (wiser) as her sister has been calling her, will finally be here!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

23 Months

Ella is now 23 months. I cannot believe she is almost two. We had planned on having her a family birthday party this weekend! I had worked really hard on the details and sent out invitations for a fun "Mickey and Minnie" 2nd Birthday...but it is now been put on hold. Looks like ella's little sis will get to join us for her 2nd b-day party after all. I was hoping to do it before so that we wouldn't have a house full of company with a new baby (I'm a little bit of a germ-a-phobe with a new baby)! Oh well!

We are crazy about our ella. She has brought so much joy to our hearts and lives in these past 23 months. She is a sweet little firecracker who makes each day more enjoyable.
At 23 months ella:
-is still a super picky eater! She only weights 25 pounds. We had made it to 27 but she lost a few when she was sick a few weeks ago and we are still working to gain them back. She likes sweets, pasta, chicken nuggets, pizza, oranges, apples, yogurt, and a few other things. I continue to "try" to get her to eat new things but so far we are still picky!
-still loves to nap. She is still napping from 10-11 or so and them from 3-5. She goes to bed at 8 and sleeps until 6am. She is our alarm clock. She lays in bed with me until we get up for the day. She sleeps good because she goes strong when she is awake!!
-she is totally into shoes and clothes. I am sure it is my fault! She loves for me to fix and straighten her hair and asks me to everyday when I fix mine. Seriously what 2 year old even knows what a straightener is for? Oh well, she has my crazy waves and will need it one day! She now likes her toes painted too.
-She loves playing with her cousins and thinks she is just as big as they are. They have taught her how to play hide-n-seek. The other day we were at my parents house and I kept hearing her saying, "papa, come mere!" After a while I went to see what she was doing and I found her hiding behind mimi's dresses is her closet. I guess she forgot to tell papa that he was supposed to come looking for her.
-she can count to about 13 or 14 and sometimes higher. I am beginning to think she is colored blind...and I am not kidding. The only colors she can distinguish are brown, gray and black. It is very weird. She knows the names of the other colors but cannot distinguish them. It is too funny!
-she is not so sure about eliza. At times she will kiss my tummy and other times try to hit it. She refuses to acknowledge that the car seat in our car now is for eliza and continues to tell is that it is for Titus (her cousin). We continue to tell her that eliza will ride in it very soon.

These are some of my favorite things that she says:
come mere- come here
how are you
I's fine
bye-bye, see you later
love you
mommy I hold you -meaning mommy you hold me
ella do it
I got it
my share -meaning you share with me
ella's turn
dank you
hair straight
mommy's bed
ella's place (guess where that is)
watch t.d. (t.v)
she calls our neighborhood pool the beach!
go home, rest
play doys house -play at joy's house
and the funniest was when she patted my dad and said " aw, sweet ole papa"

-last but not least...when have been practicing for a long time now talking about Jesus making the world, us, healing us, etc. I asked her the other day who painted her toes and she told me DE-jus (Jesus). Well, not was her mimi. At least she has learned that Jesus is a good answer for most any question!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bed Rest Day 6

Today has been a long day. Can I just tell you how much I'd love a trip to Target or even Wal-mart right now! I even despise going to Wal-mart normally but the thought sounds pretty exciting right now. I have no idea how women last on bed rest for months on end. I know you have to keep the goal in sight of having a healthy baby, but I cannot imagine. I am counting down it's only about 12 more days until my scheduled induction and maybe not even that long.

I keep wondering "why" eliza is growth restricted. I know my doc. said that my placenta isn't functioning as good as it needs too...but "why?" I am the girl who is seriously careful throughout my pregnancies! I will admit to having one caffeinated drink a day (this pregnancy) from around week 26 or so...which is totally ok! I am the girl who has taken a prenatal vitamin (the really expensive kind) everyday since March of 2005. I am scared to not take them....I guess I subconsciously feel like I better or else! Samuel's condition was like a 1 in 10,000 chance and growth restriction occurs in only 2-3% of all pregnancies. I always feel like we are good at getting in that narrow percentage!

I am praying, eating lots of extra calories, and doing lots of resting! I am so hoping that eliza will have fattened up a little this week. I am doing all I can!

I better run, Ella is jumping in her bed and counting! I am so proud of her counting skills...colors are still another subject! I just remembered that I forgot that she was 23 months yesterday. Can't believe she is almost two! I'll leave you with a few beach pics from last week!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bed Rest Day 5

Today I got to get out and go to the exciting! I had pretty much worked myself into a panic before going over eliza's movement. I had a NST first and it looked okay but maybe not as reactive as it should be and so I then had a biophysical profile ultrasound where they check for fluid levels, diff. blood pressure ratios, movements, breathing, swallowing. It was reassuring to us and to the doctor. My levels looked a little better than on Friday and she didn't feel the need to induce me today. We did learn from our ultrasound that miss eliza has some hair on the top of her head...didn't look like tons but some. I will continue on bed rest and go back and do it all again on Friday. I have an induction date set for Sept. 22 which is still 13 days away but she said we'll see if we make it there.

As we were leaving our sweet doctor made the comment that we must be trying to run the gamit (spelling) on Ob problems. We both agreed. Feeling more optimistic and better is amazing what a ride in the car will do! Thanks for your prayers!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Bed Rest Day 4

Today has been another slow day. I am so thankful that Kevin has today and tom. off, he is such a big help! I just wish we were able to spend a fun family day tog. I am feeling anxious. I am preparing myself mentally for the reality that eliza could be very small, may not breathe well on her own and may have to stay longer in the hospital. Can I just tell you how much I do not want to leave the hospital without my baby in my arms. That is the worst experience and I just feel like a cloud of doom is hanging over my head today. I just want another healthy baby. Why is that so hard for me to get! I don't feel like I was prepared for things not going just right this time. Maybe it is because I had a wonderful pregnancy with ella and a super fast and easy delivery! I just wanted that again...I don't want things to get complicated!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bedrest Day3

There may have been points in my life where the thought of bed rest seemed like a lovely option. I can now assure you it is not...esp. for someone like me. I am as some of my family have recently noted a "control freak" and very "type A!" I agree with them and wish I weren't so much this way but it is the way the Lord made me. I like my ducks in order, my house in place, my child on her usual schedule, and you know...but it's times like these when you just have to let it all go.

Kev is doing such a super job being mr. mom. Poor guy he was so tired last night he left his shoes at my parents house and came home bare footed! To his defense he had run errands, chased ella at a birthday party, cleaned, fixed all my meals, and etc. I just hope he doesn't get burned out too soon.

The worst part of this is doing kick counts. I have to count 10 kicks many times a day...and I stress over if she is still ok. I keep wondering why her growth has slowed...was it all my crazy nesting and not enough resting, was the 34 (yes I said it) lbs I have gained so far not enough! I have gained more with her than my other 2 pregnancy's. I haven't allowed myself to google or research the possibilities. I am trying to count her kicks and trust the Lord that we will continue to grow. I do know I probably just make small babies...ella was only 6lbs 7oz. at 39 hopefully eliza can grow so more and catch up some.

I seriously feel like I have spent the last 2 years trying to plump ella up and here we go again! Maybe eliza will come out starving and be a super eater! I hope!

Thanks so much for all of your prayers and offers of help. We may be taking you up on it as the weeks progresses. I just don't know what this week will hold for us! I have never been so ready to get back to the doctor before...the outing sounds so exciting and I am praying for some encouraging news. Now to eat some more ice cream....:)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Bed Rest!

My day started out busy and is ending very slow! I headed to my routine ob appt. this morning and excited to find out if I am progressing. When my doc. measured me my stomach..I think it is called the fundal really hadn't changed sincemy last visit 2 weeks ago. I have always measured right on track and so I guess this sent off a red flag. She wanted to do an ultrasound to check the fluid levels and eliza's growth. Those of you who know me know that have some serious ultrasound anxiety and normally Kev. accompanies me to any appt. where I get an ultrasound. I guess I just always fear that they will find something wrong with my baby! This is a fear that I have had to give to the Lord over and over...but the unexpected ultrasound today really paniced me.

Little eliza is def. measuring smaller by about 2 weeks. Her estimated weight was only 4lbs she is a peanut for sure! Her belly measured the smallest. I then had a Non-Stress Test..which I really think should be called a Stress Test. I hate sitting in a freezing cold room listening to her heartbeat on the monitors waiting for her to move so I can push the little button. I find them stressful. Thankfully she did great on the NST and I felt good about that. After that I waited again to see my doc. and she ordered me on strict bed rest. I can shower and use the bathroom but my life is taking a Major slow-down!!!

She feels that my placenta is not functioning as well and is not giving eliza as much nourishment as she needs. Bed Rest will optimize the blood flood from me to her. I will have NST twice a week and a weekly ultrasound. She said if at anytime these don't look good I will go straight from the doc. to the hospital...and to put my bags in the car! She is planning to induce me in 2 weeks if I haven't had her yet...wanting to give her some more time to grow and gain some weight but not wanting to wait too long with a not so good placenta.

I guess I should just expect some excitement in every pregnancy. They are the beginnings of raising a child which is always full of twist, turns and surprises.

As I sat in the ultrasound room today and watched her practicing breathing on the screen it made me want her so much! Not that we haven't wanted her from before she was conceived but for the first time I really felt like she needed her mommy! I felt a strong bond to her and pray that these 2 weeks go by so fast.

With each of my pregnancies I have felt that the Lord has given me a verse for that child. With eliza from early on my mind always went back to Ephesians 3:20 "Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us. " Eliza was a true gift from the start... the kind of gift that comes totally unexpected...a blessing given just 2 weeks after having a D &C ...when two people who had struggled in the past to conceive got pregnant without even trying...when the doc. couldn't even believe it herself...when I gushed blood at 5 weeks and was sure that we had lost her too...God did more and I know He has a big plan for her life.

If you think of us please pray that she will hang on and do some good growing! Please pray for my doc. to have wisdom and know when to induce me or when to wait. Please pray for ella who is having a hard time today understanding why mommy cannot hold her standing up...she keeps crying and saying, "mommy hold you stan up!" Please pray that I can lay and rest...something I am not good at!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It's September and that alone just makes me happy! I guess most people have a season that they love and I have always loved fall! Unfortunately where we will it will still be a while before we feel that first cool breeze...but that is okay...I can dream.

I love so many things about fall. These are just a few!

I love a warm sweet pumpkin smell in my home! I have already started burning my fall candle! It just makes me happy!

I also love it in lotion. Fall is the only time of the year that this lotion works.

I am not a big football fan...but something about Saturday afternoon Clemson football games on TV just make me happy. It is a good excuse to make some yummy food and hang out with the family! Football just says fall!

I love Mums in the fall! I cannot wait to find two big ones to but on either side of my front door along with a pumpkin or two!

I am a little weird and enjoy watching the weather channel..esp. as the seasons begin to change! I love seeing what areas of the country are experiencing "cooler" weather! I also like watching it during hurricane season and tracking the storms. Kevin thinks I'm crazy!

Who doesn't love a great pair of comfy jeans on a cool day. I am sad that most of my favorite pants won't fit for a while. If you've ever had a baby you know what I mean. You feel so small after having a baby until you attempt to try on your old clothes...then reality hits.

The best thing about this fall will be another fall baby.