Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back in the Land of the Living!

I feel like I need a t-shirt today that says, "I survived the stomach virus of 2009!" Yesterday I woke up and began getting us ready for my Monday morning bible study! I kept feeling so weak...like I need to just sit down for a few minutes. I kept blaming on the fact that I hadn't eaten breakfast yet and continued to get ready. On the drive to bible study I felt a little nauseous and thought...surely morning sickness isn't reappearing! I almost turned around and went home...just feeling so very weak. I went on to bible study, ate a bagel hoping that would get my motor going..but still felt so bad. In fact I really considered laying my head on the table and resting a bit. I finally decided to leave early...thinking maybe my blood pressure was low or maybe I'd become anemic. I got ella from her class, got in the car and swung through McDonalds for ella very healthy happy meal! After waiting in the long drive through line the lady said they were only taking cash! Great...I never carry cash! Off to chick-fli-a because I knew I felt too bad to go home and cook. I should have known something was wrong when absolutely nothing on the chick-fli-a menu looked appealing! I got home and got ella in her bed for her nap and decided I'd rest! I was sure that was all I needed after such a busy week last week with VBS! Let's put it this way...my rest was quickly ended and I had to face the reality that I had caught yet another stomach virus! I am always in denial until there is no more denying it! I spent the rest of the day laying in the bed! Ella spent the rest of the day watching Mickey! I think a stomach virus should really come with a warning.....ALERT, ALERT, CAUTION...you may think you are dying for the next 24 hours! One thing about a virus...it always makes me so so thankful for my health. I cannot imagine feeling like that everyday! Now I am praying that it stays away from the rest of my family!

Friday, June 26, 2009

VBS and bedding

We have had VBS at our church this week and tonight is the last night. It has gone very well but I must admit I will be so glad to have a free night tomorrow. I have had a very sweet group of kids and have enjoyed being their "family leader." It always cracks me up at the sweet comments kids make about the Lord. Often times their theology is way off but their hearts are tender and and that is what counts. One little girl said that when her granny died she gave her the spirit of God! One boy said something like Jesus gave us his blood and now we have it in us. I think he was thinking very literally here! The theme is on Rome, Paul and the underground church and all the leaders are wearing "biblical clothes" ....truly not a good look for a pregnant girl...think large sheet! :)
I do not know what is wrong with me but I have spent so much time thinking about how I want to fix Eliza's room. I look for furniture everyday on craigslist. I have spent hours looking at cribs on-line and reading reviews. I have changed my mind about 10 times on my bedding! I don't know why I am stressing on this. i am generally a know what I like and don't like kinda girl! I think because I know it is a blank slate and a chance to do a new room. Good news though, we got a cute bright pink armoire off craigslist...and even snagged it for 100 dollars less than it was advertised for! Woo Hoo! Good thing I sent Kev to look at it because I am so not good on negotiating prices. I am still trying to talk Kev into leaving it pink as he thinks he needs to paint it white. It is pretty bright but I like it! Maybe we will just tone it down a shade or two. I have also picked out my bedding. I decided I wanted to use some different colors this time and I found some cute, cute, cute bedding off etsy.com. If you haven't ever looked there....you might not should! There is tons and tons of cute handmade things! So I found the material that I liked...the only problem is I just cannot justify spending more on baby bedding than I would my queen sized bed. Plus, I do find some joy and satisfaction in being crafty myself. So I had this great money-saving idea (which I knew my husband would be all for)! I am going to buy the bumper off etsy...buy the material I want and sew the rest myself! Just call me crazy now! I am a simple sewer...as in I made simple jjumpers and dresses for ella. I am getting better...but I have a long way to go. Needless to say I am getting a little nervous (esp. after looking at the patterns)! My plan is to make the crib skirt (I mean really how hard can it be..haha), the sheet...which actually looks somewhat easy esp. on an on-line tutorial, a very simple, simple blanket, and a curtain! I have about 12 weeks to get it all done! I am sure there will be a few tears and lots of seam ripping...but hopefully in the end it will be just what I want!

These are some of the fabrics that will be used esp. # 9, 15, 5, 4,

This is the look we are after!

I am beginning to get so excited about meeting Eliza. She kicks so much more than ella did. Ella was not a very active baby(but don't worry she is so making up for it now!) and Samuel really couldn't move due to the lack of fluid...so this is fun! I can now watch my stomach and see her moving and yesterday she'd kick and I'd poke and she'd kick and I'd poke. I just cannot even imagine what she will look like. She could literally have any color of hair because in kev. and my immediate family we have red, brown, blond, strawberry blond, and even black! It will be exciting to see how she adds to our family in a unique little way! Third Trimester...here we come (in about a week!)Woo Hoo!

Monday, June 22, 2009

98 Days!

I just noticed on my sidebar as I am sure I am the only one that looks at those tickers....but I have less than 100 days left in this pregnancy...98 days till my due date! WOO HOO! That is a good feeling!

I found a really cute piece of furniture for eliza's room on craigslist this morning and Kev is going to check it out after work. I check craigslist everyday and so far three great dressers (two from pottery barn) have slipped through my fingers! I wish I could go and check it out for myself but we start VBS tonight. I am really praying for strength and energy. I feel so worn out today and I'm hoping the Lord will give me some grace and energy to be a fun first grade leader.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Dear Daddy,
Mommy says tom. is your day...so I thought I'd write you a little note and tell you how much I love you. Mommy keeps taking me shopping to find you a present but so far we haven't found the right thing. You are the best daddy in the whole world. I love to wake up everyday as soon as I hear that you are up! You bring me my milk every morning so I can drink it while I watch Handy Mandy! I love that show...he is a hard worker like you! You always warm my milk just like I like it. You always give me lots of kisses before you leave for work. Mommy says you go there to make us money so that we can go to Tar-get and Chick-fli-A! I ask mommy about you all day when you are gone. I miss you. I love to watch for you at the front door and it makes me so excited I can hardly stand it when I see your truck! I love to ride with you in your truck! You give me lots of rides on my car and you let me play with fun things like dominos (mommy thinks they make a big mess but you think they are fun too!!) I love when you take me outside and let me play in the yard! We have so much fun together. I hope you have a fun day tom. Can we go to the pool? Please! Love, ella

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mommy Ques. and Answer

I saw this on a mommy blog...if you are a mommy feel free to copy and answer! It helped me to think back and think ahead to what my next few months will include!

1. favorite diapers? pampers swaddlers when little and then huggies because costco sells them as they grow...I really like pampers the best...so soft and smell so good!
2. favorite wipes? Costco brand (soft, cheaper and no fragrance for a sensitive tush!)
3. wipe warmer, no wipe warmer? no wipe warmer - never tried one
4. sleep in gowns or footsies? footsies-preferably zip-up sleepers (you never know how hard it is to snap 10 snaps until it is 4:00 in the morning and you are delirious!
5. schedule, don't schedule? schedule, feeds are about every 3 hours
6. current favorite toys? musical toys, mobile
7. three things you couldn't live with out the first few months? swaddle blankets, pacifiers, my hubby!
8. something you can't have too many of? bibs and burp cloths esp. if your baby has reflux! I was not prepared for this!
9. three things you couldn't live with out once the baby is moving? ella's push toy (gave her stability when she was first learning), outlet safety plugs, our baby gates at the top and bottom of stairs!
10. favorite new baby invention? swaddle blanket with Velcro...she loved to be swaddled and this made it so easy!
11. favorite nursing pads? not sure of name...but they were thin and absorbent (maybe by johnson and johnson!)
12. favorite bottle? No preference (ella wasn't too fond of a bottle but I tried to get ones that were BPA free)
13. favorite car toys? any toy dangling from her car seat...now she likes her CD's, and any toy she can grab from the house...we usually have a flower and rock from the front yard too!
14. favorite teether? Never really used them...I think she thought they were too cold.
15. changing table, no changing table? no changing table (always used my bed or the floor!)
16. breast milk or formula? breastmilk exclusively for the first 9 months and then I began slowing weaning one feed to 1 8 oz. cup of formula a month until 12 months. Finally weaned the week before her B-day! (Not so much looking forward to this again...but I will do my best!)
17. make baby food, buy baby food? buy
18. first food after cereal? I think we started with carrots or squash..pretty sure it was a veggie and then after we tried them each for three or four days we went to fruits and them the mixed foods.
19. did you use your baby carrier? A front carrier a few times...it was heavy and she never seemed too comfy... I did manage to clean house a few times and cook with her in it!
20. how old when slept in own crib (not bassinet)? Naps around 5-6 months.. at night in her room...after her first b-day! This was hard for me!
21. do you use a sleep positioner? Yes I always did until she could move out of it!
22. back sleeper or tummy sleeper? back sleeper...I was anal about this....I have real fears about SIDS and will do anything recommended to prevent it! Around 6 months she began flipping to her stomach and side and I would flip her back! (I know the risk goes down once they can move too.!) I then had to give my fears to God and trust Him. I still pray over her sleep every night and althoughout the night when I wake up. I am still learning how to not worry about this aspect of motherhood!)
23. favorite part about being a mom? Ella saying mommy, her wanting me anytime she gets hurt or scared, her kisses and hugs, hearing her pray, hearing her say I'm sorry, watching her learn,she is the most fun little girl and I love her to death!
4. hardest part about being a mom? when your child is sick, deciding when to go to the doc. and when to wait it out, loving something so much that you know if you ever lost it you would never be the same....being fearful of loss!
25. favorite mommy accessories? my cute little red-head (never thought I wanted red-headed children...in fact I used to think I needed to marry someone with really dark hair and skin to try to avoid this)...Now I cannot think of anything I'd rather have than just what GOD made for me! ...and my stroller (it is great to have a place for a drink, bags, keys and etc. when shopping!)

Friday, June 12, 2009

20 Months

Ella is now 20 months old. I keep thinking...in four more she'll be two and have a new sister already! I am trying to cherish these last months of it just being the 3 of us as I know our lives will take on a new busy! She is such a joy to me. I often find that when I put her down for her nap, I am so ready to see her again when she wakes up! Don't get me wrong I love nap time...but also am so glad to love on her when she wakes up! She is growing so big! I was looking at her in her crib last night while she was sleeping. She was all stretched out and looked so long! She is really starting to talk in more phrases rather than single words so this has been fun! She is always calling things...for example..."Mommy, where are you? or Bunny, where are you?" She always surprises kevin and I am her memory! She doesn't forget much! We are working on learning to sing our ABC's and she is getting pretty good at filling in the missing letters when we sing it! We count a lot too...when walking up the stairs and putting on her clothes (we count fingers and toes to make sure we still have ten!) and she is learning them too! The teacher in me is really excited about this! She is really getting the I'm sorry thing too which is so sweet to hear her apologize! Ok...enough of my 20 month update!

I also feel bad for complaining about gaining weight and pregnancy issues in my last post. It is a little sacrifice to pay for such a great return!

Monday, June 8, 2009

24 Weeks and Thoughts

Well I have made it to 24 weeks in this pregnancy. It really seems like the weeks are flying by! So far I am feeling pretty good and still at the "enjoyable stage" of pregnancy! I have gained the most ever so far in this pregnancy...and for some reason I keep doing like 3 pounds a week instead of one...and let me tell you that can add up fast! I am just thankful I had lost a good bit before I got pregnant this time! I hate gaining so fast because this will be my third time to have to lose 30 plus pounds of preg. weight in the past 3 1/2 years. I know it does come off but I also know how that frumpy stage feels and it is not so fun! I know this sounds like complaining...and I guess it is a bit...but it is also a reality of having a baby! The body does a lot of changing and growing all over!

This was at 22 weeks. I've always loved this shirt! It is my sister Joy's and collectively I think we've worn it through 4 or 5 pregnancies. It may need to be retired soon but it always makes you feel small in all the right parts!

I was telling my mom just today that it is different being pregnant with a little one already. I am so excited about having another child but my days seem pretty busy chasing after the one I have! Thankfully, eliza gives me lots of little kicks each day to remind me that she is there and growing too! There are definitely different feelings too with expecting another child. I felt this a little with ella (just feeling like I was giving my heart away some from Samuel...if that makes any sense!) This time I am thinking lots about how ella will adjust to sharing mommy and daddy, what she will do while I sit and nurse for forever each day, how I will manage them both, will we ever make it to church on time with 2?? and on and on! I know it can be done! I know these are all "normal" feelings! I also know many moms who do this with many more kids!

I am ready to start preparing "my nest" for this baby! I tried to remind Kevin tonight that this is really a normal part of pregnancy! I am naturally an organizer and so I know I probably take this up a few notches as well. I made us a huge "to-do"list today! We both like list and work better if we have one. It includes everything from things to clean out to things to buy before the baby comes.

I have also completely changed my idea for eliza's nursery. I think I want to do something very different this time instead of keeping it similar to ella's nursery! I'll post pics when it starts coming tog. ...but it will be a while yet!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A little bathroom make-over!

When we found out that we were having another girl, I decided it was time to re-do our spare bathroom. We had an old off-white shower curtain, some monkey picture frames (not quite sure what I was thinking when I purchased those but maybe they were "in" at the time), and it really need some color! I found a cute shower curtain at Target, a matching hand towel and rug, and a cheap basket at Ross. I bought 2 canvas' at Wal-mart and painted them in coordinating colors. I think I didn't spend more than $45 on everything...and I spread it out over 2 weeks so my hubby wouldn't realize I was spending a lot at Target! SHHH! :) I think it looks much better and is def. ready for two little girls to share!