Friday, June 7, 2013

Being a special needs mom

The other morning I was up early before the rest, which unfortunately doesn't happen as often as I wish, and a fiesty little red head, who is growing up way to fast, woke up talking a million miles a minute.  Out of the blue she said, "Mama, when I grow up I am not going to have a baby."

I asked her why not, and told her that I knew she'd make a great mommy one day (very, very far into the future!)

And then she said as if her five year old heart had held this thought captive for a while, "I don't want to have a baby because it might have spina bifida."

And in that moment my five year old expressed my deepest unspoken fear. 

Without a moment to think I began to question,  "So that might mean if you had a baby with Spina Bifida he or she might have to have some therapy, right?  You love Mrs. Cindy, Mrs. Jillian and Mrs. Melanie.  That wouldn't be so bad to have therapy would it?" 

She smiled and said, "No."
Our Super PT removing Eli's cast in our kitchen!  Above and beyond the call of duty!

Then I said, "And it might mean that your baby would have to wear afo's or braces, use a walker or wheelchair.  You might have to go see Mr. Maurice a lot to get fitted for new Afo's.  That's not too hard is it?"

And again she said, "No."

The braces so far...
Eli is doing super with his walker.  He is getting forearm crutches tomorrow.
And it would mean that you would have to have more doctor appointments at the big hospital.  You have been to several of Eli's and they weren't so bad either, were they?  And she smiled and reminded me that she liked the stickers the nurses give them when we leave. 

And then I reminded her how much we would miss everyday without a little brother! Yes, there have been some challenges, but he makes up for it a thousand times over with his joy and sweetness.  And she laughed and agreed. 
The one and only time all 3 kids will match...says daddy!  Such a happy boy!
They fight over who gets to sit by Eli!

And then I am pretty sure both of our hearts felt better. 
I have often thought how I would have never willingly chosen these challenges for our family, but I can't really imagine life being any sweeter.  God has been faithful!




julie said...

oh, julie. this post made me teary. your littles are so precious. i'm always amazed at your heart and faith. thank you for sharing this.

Lisa Sandler said...

You are an amazing mother and all three of your children are blessed to have you!!!!

The Tylers said...

Oh this is absolutely beautiful...I, too, am a little teary.

David C Brown said...

He gives more grace, James 4: 6.

Casie Parrott Tyson said...

Really, really, perfect! Your answers were so perfect! Thank you for sharing! My heart hurt for a second in the beginning, but your words and your dear daughter's agreements made my heart joyful! :)