Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Ella is attending Mother's Morning Out at our church this year.  We call it **school**.  It was hard for me to actually sign her up!  I knew we(Eliza and I) would miss her when she is there, and the thought that she will only be so little for a few more years makes me think twice.   But....it has been so good for the both of us.  She is loving every minute of it and asks to go most days (it is only 2 days a week from 9-1).  I love having my mornings with Eliza and some time to run a few errands without both little helpers.  It is amazing how easy one feels after having two.  Eliza and I zip in and out of stores and even go places that I just don't dare to attempt with the both of them.  This has been a great new routine for our fall!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Eliza

Mommy's first look!
A very happy Daddy!
Such a cutie!
Tiny peanut!

One year ago today, God blessed our lives with Eliza.  We were spending our afternoon in the hospital room soaking in her new baby smell and tiny little fingers and toes.  I was so thankful to not be pregnant and so thankful for a healthy baby girl.  I was nervous about managing two and anxious to see Ella's reaction to her new sister.   I will NEVER get over the blessing of having a healthy baby!  Thank you Eliza for filling our days and home with your sweetness.  Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tutu Cute!

Last year after Halloween we bought these two little Tinkerbell costumes for about $3.00 each.  Ella wanted to dress up and surprise her daddy when he got home from work.  Although they were cheap...I think they were also cheaply made.  Both girls had little marks where the fabric had scratched them when we took them off.  Ella said hers was too little and is done being Tinkerbell!  None-the-less, I got some cute pictures

Monday, September 20, 2010

Eliza's 1st Birthday Party

On Saturday we celebrated Miss Eliza's first Birthday.  She will be one this Wednesday.  I went all out for Ella's first birthday, and I was determined that I would do it all for Eliza too.  Eliza is such a special little girl.  She is truly a blessing to our family and we are so thankful that the Lord gave her to us.  We are so thankful for her health and that the Lord had His hand on her throughout a few rough spots in my pregnancy with her. 

I will never forget how on January 30, 2009, I began major hemorrhaging (sorry if that is way, way TMI...but it was reality).  I was only about 5 weeks pregnant and had just had a miscarriage the month before at 10 weeks.  I thought for sure that I was miscarrying again.  My doctor also thought that I was too.  It was too early to see much on ultrasound except that there was a fetal sac.  I was told to lay low and wait.  A week later I went back to have another ultrasound and there on the screen was our precious little peanut with a nice strong heartbeat. 

I was diagnosed with intrauterine growth restriction at 35 1/2 weeks and spent some time on bed rest as we prayed that my placenta would hold up and give Eliza enough nutrients so that she could grow some more.  She did and was born weighing 5lbs 15oz. 

The party was hot (it was outside) and mommy was exhausted from all my baking, crafting and cleaning.  But none the less I tried my very best to celebrate our sweet little e. 

She is truly the sweetest little thing and we praise God for her.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

almost wordless wednesday

The other morning it was strangely quiet.

This is what I found.

Ella and her friends were "at the beach!"  

Friday, September 10, 2010

little sisters

Early Morning Tea Parties hosted by my big sis
Are always really so much fun, I never want to miss!
We bake some cookies in our house and dump out all the toys,

We draw and play and have more fun making lots of little girl noise!

Sissy helps me roll my ball, my daddy would be so proud...
And then she takes me for a spin..and I squeal a little loud!

I love my sissy, oh yes I do!
Having a sissy is great...now that's very True!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh my...moment in mothering!

I had something happen a few weeks ago that I am sure I will never forget.  In fact, I feel quite sure that it is a story that my girls will grow up hearing and will laugh or roll their eyes at one day.  On the particular morning Ella was on the bed watching Dora, Eliza was in her swing chillin (can you believe she will still swing at almost 12m...I can't)  anyways...I was finally jumping in the shower at almost 10 am.

I was showering when Ella came in and said, "Mommy sissy has poo-poo!"  I said, "Okay Ella, mommy is almost done and I will check her when I get out."  I figured she was grunting or something and continued to finish my shower.  I few seconds later Ella ran in again and said, "Mommy sissy really has poo-poo!"  At that moment I knew it must be bad!  

I jumped out of the shower and my precious, sweet, and wonderful little Eliza had pooped out of her diaper all in her swing and was PLAYING in it! These pictues really do not do it justice or maybe it just seemed so much worse than it really was.  It was on her hands, arms, legs, between toes...and it was drying!  YUCK!

Notice the cheerios!!  I am thankful she wasn't eating them...or at least I don't think she did!

I am sure if you are a mom there is a big chance that you might have had a similar situation occur.  I used a whole thing of wipes, threw the onesie away, soaked the swing cover, Clorox wiped it to death...and then used tons on Lysol.  Little missy also had her a good long soakin!!  (It was even under her little fingernails)!  This was an oh my moment I will never forget! 
All clean again!! 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

Eliza's 11 month post....now that she is almost one!

I cannot for the life of me believe that my Eliza is almost one.  Maybe that is part of my delay in writing this post.  Now that we are about two weeks from her big day...I figured I better!!  To be honest part of me is really sad that she is moving closer to toddler hood!  I think I realize now more than I did with Ella, that they don't stay little for long.  I think I am also realizing that I may only "try" to do the baby thing one more time, and that really makes me sad. 

At 11 months Eliza is busy and moving.  She is cruising on everything including the walls.  She is taking steps...three at a time is about her limit.  She loves walking and pushing our baby strollers and tries to climb in and on things (baby highchair, Ella's bike, kiddie chairs).  Oh yea and she loves crawling under our end tables.  She is keeping us on our toes! 

She can say mama, Dada, papa, and Ella.  I love to hear her call for Ella.  It is the cutest thing!  I think her favorite part of the day is going into Ella's room when she wakes up from her nap (Eliza is always up before Ella).  She gets so excited to see her big sissy! 

 Eliza is still a wonderful eater. She eats whatever she is offered right now and it is a blessing.  I am sure she will go through a picky stage, but for now she is loving her food.  I no longer feel stressed about her size since she is eating so well.  This is a relief for me. 

Eliza is still super attached to her pink blankie square.  She has also recently started exerting her little will.  She often gets frustrated with her sister, and she lets us all know about it.  I do have to say that the majority of the time it is warranted...esp. when her sissy takes her precious pink blankie square and runs. 

She has been more clingy lately and has turned into a major daddy's girl.  From the time Kev walks in the door, she wants him!! He better not try to put her down or she is not happy.  I love seeing the special relationship that they are growing. 

So, the party is set...invitations are printed and soon my Eliza Anne will be one!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Living Bread

I read the post below this morning and sat and thought...WOW!  As a mom I spend so much time in meal preparation and feeding my girls....much more time than I ever imagined I would prior to kids.   I spend so much time offering them good food for their bodies, but so much less time offering them "real food!"   I would HIGHLY recommend everyone to read it!!