Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happenings...this and that

We have had a fun and busy summer.  We began the summer beaching it as much as we could.  It is a great way to wear out two busy girls and a little boy!  Somewhere around mid July I began to feel beached out.  We haven't been back!  Somewhere around January I will probably regret that!

 We have stayed very busy this summer just getting to all of Eli's therapies.  Most weeks we have had at least 3.  It does dictate a lot of what we do each day, but I am so thankful for great therapists. 

Right now PT has gotten really hard for Eli.  He has decided that standing and trying to walk is for the birds and that crawling is so much easier.  PT has turned into a crying/screaming fest most days.  We have upped it two twice a week in hopes of getting past this soon.  I love our PT.  Everyone tells me that she is the best pediatric PT in the area and I absolutely agree.  She is not afraid to push Eli and mommy.  Even on days when it is rough I trust her knowledge and experience. 

Eli is wanting to pull to stand.  He has recently been trying, but it is hard.  He is now wearing his AFO's most of the time.  He has to have them on to stand.  I will be glad when it cools down and his little feet won't get so hot.  There are sooooo many challenges ahead, but with the Lord's help we will get through them.

I am beginning our journey as a home school family.  The former teacher in me is excited.  The mommy in me is a bit terrified.  Ella will be 5 in the beginning of October and she is really ready for more "school."  Eliza will be 3 at the end of September and I am going to be doing a letter of the week curriculum with her.  It will just be easier if they are both busy during that time.

I have been working like crazy turning out playroom into more of a school room.  I have spent lots of late nights piddling through curriculum's and lesson planning.  The teacher in me has a hard time writing lesson plans without a state standard correlated.  I keep reminding myself that Principal dad will not be checking my lessons each week.  I am sure I will get things more simplified as we get things going.

I really think having more structure in our morning will be good for both of the girls.  Thankfully, Eli takes a good morning nap so that should give us time to get most of our work done.  The girls will also be attending Preschool at our church two mornings a week.  I can't wait to be able to grocery shop with only one child (and one who doesn't beg for anything yet)!   I also try to use this time for Eli's therapies and appointments. 

Kev has just began his FINAL semester of seminary!  He is set to graduate in December with his Master's of Divinity with an emphasis on Pastoral ministry.  I am so proud of him and we are both counting down the days until he will done. 

We are also repainting most of the interior of our house.  I have been trying to pick a paint color for almost three weeks now.  The Sherwin Williams man surely thinks I am a crazy lady by now.  10 paint samples (some were shared from a friend) and I still am confused.  I know what I like, but we are trying to just go neutral for resale purposes.  We hope to sale before we have to paint again...who knows when that will be though!

So that is what has been going on while I have been avoiding the blog.