Wednesday, July 18, 2012

He's ONE!!

Last week my little baby turned one.  I have said more than once that this has felt like both the longest year and yet the shortest year ever!  I have been trying to think up the words to summarize Eli's first year and yet the words seem too deep down to draw up! 

All I know is that God has never forsaken us and has given us grace for each step of the journey this far.  It hasn't been fair, easy, or normal, but each time I see that sweet little smile I know it is worth every tear. 

Eli Matthew,
              How did you go from that itty bitty preemie to a big boy in just one year?  I will never ever forget the my first glimpse of you.  I was scared to death at the challenges that were ahead.  You have been the sweetest baby ever.  You are so happy and content.  You have gone through a lot this year from casts, MRI's, lots of bracing and lots of therapy.  You have met every challenge with a smile and I love that about you.  You are such a special part of our family.  Your sisters are still crazy about you and so is your mom and dad. 
                 I know this next year is going to be hard. We have lots of big boy milestones to work on and once again mommy is scared about what is ahead. I want you and the rest of the world to know that no matter what you achieve in this life you are greatly loved. Whether you ever learn to pull to stand, or if you ever take steps, or if you ever achieve what comes so easily and naturally for all of your friends, you are loved completely just as you are. We will love you if you are a wheeler or a walker or both.  We will love you with extra gear, extra appointments and extra challenges.  We will love you through the challenges and continue to trust Jesus to guide our path. We know God has good plans for you and we are thankful He chose us to have a front seat on this journey! Love Always,


Eli had a whale party!

Big sis

Little sis

Can you tell that the sisters were not happy about taking a family picture?

Daddy's little look-a-like!

"Hey mom, you sure this is okay?"

Eliza thought he needed some help!


He loved it!  I was not a bit surprised!  I finally took it away because I was afraid he'd eat it all!

Thankful for all his new big boy toys!