Saturday, September 27, 2008

The first Debate

It's been a while since my last blog. I'm staying busy most days with errands, planning ella's first b-day party...which is now only one week away...and keeping her entertained. I want to do better writing about the "everyday happenings" of our life rather than just big events. I often find more enjoyment in reading the blogs of others than writing on mine.

Now to the focus of this blog. I watched the debate last night. I have never been really into politics and half the time I haven't a clue what they are really talking about but I have found myself very interested in this election! I'm not sure if it is that I am older now, or because I have ella now, or because I feel the direction of our country could really be affected by this election...but I find myself watching Fox news more and more as the election gets closer.

I was really impressed by McCain in the debate last night. He seemed older, wiser, much more knowledgeable... like a grandfather who you just know is smart and would make sure you are safe. I know he isn't perfect. No one is.... and I am surely not looking to our government to solve the political or moral problems of our country. But I have to be honest that I am scared for America and for my family if Obama wins. I am scared that he will lead our great country even farther from our Christian heritage. Do people (mainly those who profess to be born-again believers of Christ) realize how liberal he is? I find it odd that so many Christians are supportive of Obama. I feel that any born again Christian who votes for a president who is clearly against marriage as defined by God and against life (pro-Choice)...really needs to think closely about their walk with the these two issues are of extreme importance to God! Seems like many don't care these days....I know it is 2008 but PLEASE! They were his design and plan. Who are we to change them. What will this country be like for ella and my niece and nephews and for their children? Will it be safe? Will they have the freedoms that we enjoy today? I feel so passionate that it is my responsibility to vote for a president who not only sounds good, looks the part, but is the closest in line with my biblical beliefs. Sorry if you're bored but I am really burdened over the outcome of the election in November. I am praying that Christians will rise up, stand united and that truth will prevail.

Stay tuned...the next post will be about ella's big day! I can't believe she's almost one!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

11 Months

Check out my new doo!

I'm not feeling good!


Ella turned 11 months yesterday and I just cannot believe that my baby is almost one. Everyone says...I mean I hear this at least everyday..."Enjoy it because they grow up fast!"....and it is happening! I am loving this stage as I have loved every stage of Ella's first year!

Ella's 11 month accomplishments
-We've finally mastered the wave!
-She's awesome at playing peek-a-boo! It's her favorite game right now!
-She loves for me to sing the Itsy-Bitsy Spider.
-She tries to use any object as a phone! Her latest phone was a highlighter!
-She knows that the remote is supposed to be pointed at the T.V.! (I can't believe what kids pick up from observation!)
-She can say mama, dada, papa, jack-jack(tries to), Aaaa for addie. (Papa is her favorite word right now.)
-Her favorite food are graduate apple slices and still her yo baby yogurt.
-And finally...last week she took her first steps. She is still cautious but gets brave when someone has a toy she wants!
I love my Ella girl!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fripp Island

The cousins looking at the beach!

Kev pretending to blow out his candles...we left matches at home!

This past weekend we went on a little vacation! This vacation was an unexpected gift from some of our friends and we had a great time. We invited my sister, brother-in-law and their gang to go with we all packed into a 2 bedroom condo for the weekend. We had a great time relaxing (when we weren't chasing kids) and hanging out! We went to the beach on Saturday morning and I've decided that the beach is really hard at Ella's age...between her the eating sand...sunscreen getting in her eyes...and chasing her...WHEW! I'm hoping next summer will be easier! We rented golf carts on Saturday and drove around the Island. The kids loved this! On Saturday night we grilled out and I made Kevin a birthday cake! Oh yeah..and we watched Clemson get killed! Poor Papa! We had a great mini-vacation!