Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What we're Up to....

Life has been busy so far in 2011.  When is it ever not?  I have much to update our blog about, but that can wait for another day.  I have also been a terrible picture taker in 2011.  Since my decision to discontinue my yearly family scrapbooks for an easier and cheaper option of making an one on-line....I guess I thought that meant I didn't have to take any pictures.  Seriously, not even a cute Valentine picture!!  What is wrong with me.  Good thing we still have plenty of time to wear our "hearts" and snap one!

Kevin has accepted a part-time postion at our church as an Associate Pastor of Marriage and Small Groups.  We are kinda amazed at how the doors opened and and everything fell into place, just as we were thinking/seeking a move.  Sometimes I think God just wants to know if we are avaliable.  We are really excited about this new positon and I know Kevin can't wait to get some new studies, retreats, small groups and seminars going amongst other things.  We are excited about what God is doing and we are thankful to get to be a part of that at a church we love. 

The girls are growing and keep me busy everyday!  Ella still contines to have a strong willed, creative, and compassionate personality.  She likes to boss her sister and thinks she is her teacher. (Poor thing she got that honestly...what can I say!) She is a thinker and often surprises me with her thoughts.  She is very interseted in the Bible, but she gets her theology terribly mixed up!  Today she was talking about Joseph and his coat of many colors and she said, "Mommy, I know we can buy his brothers a coat and then they won't be mad."  It sounded like a great idea, except she doesn't really get that they aren't still alive. She also said that when we grow really old the angels can come down and take us to Oregon to visit her cousin.  She worries often that the soilders that nailed Jesus to the cross are going to be in heaven and is very scared of the soilders.   It is so fun to see her learning and coming to more knowledge about Christ as she grows...I just hope we can iron out the details! :) 

Eliza remains out dainty flower.  She had a yucky stomach bug a few weeks ago that set her back a pound and a half and we are working hard to get it back.  That was hard for this mama to swallow becuase I have worked hard to each ounce! Hopefully she will make it to 20lbs by the summer.  She started tiny and remains tiny despite her good eating.  She is sweet and silly and loves to make funny faces.  She is a climber and is fast!  She loves to try to get on the kitchen table!  She loves her sissy and talks about Ella all day. She says, mama, dada, ella, papa, dog-dog, duck, bye-bye, hi, ty-ty, juice, uh-oh, sissy, and can repeat some of what we ask her to say.  She is often quiet in new situations and is fine staying close to mommy and daddy.  She is easy and is pretty go with the flow so far.  I love this about her!

Hopefully, I will be back before long with some new pics. Oh, and I need to post the ones of their room make-over!!  Have a great week!