Monday, April 1, 2013

Our Disney Trip Catch Up

We left for Disney World bright and early on December 26th.  A sweet and very giving family in our church invited us to use their timeshare week in Orlando, since they were unable to use it, and we just couldn't turn that down.  So even though Disney wasn't in our 2012 plans, we saved and decided to make it happen. 

I must say that the thought of leaving my house full of Christmas décor and Christmas disaster was hard for me.  I like to clean it all up and pack it away in the days to follow Christmas.  I had to keep telling myself that it was okay, and it would all be there waiting for me when we got home.  You may not understand this worry unless you are a bit type A, but for me it made me feel stressed.  My sweet husband knows this and promised we would get it all done!  He helped and it wasn't as bad as I thought.  Letting go is good!

Back to Disney...I must just say that Eli had a bad ear infection and began Augmentin right before Christmas.  It killed his stomach.  I mean killed it!!  I mean he had diarrhea for all 14 days that he had to take it and a few afterwards.  I don't just mean a little, I mean explosive, everywhere, oh my goodness, what do I do, kind of bad diapers.  I just share that little bit of unwanted information because it was a big part of our trip!!

Oh yea, he threw up in the car on the way and we had to wash and take the car seat apart before we could go to Target to get more supplies.  You know more diapers, Destin, Pedialyte, probiotics, yogurt, and anything else he might eat or drink. 

The next morning we headed to the Magic Kingdom.  We were prepared.  He was double diapered, creamed like there was no tomorrow, and we had extra, extra changes of clothes.  When I say that I saw each bathroom at Disney, I mean, I.SAW.THEM.  I changed him every hour or so and each time it was such a process.  I know some moms behind me wondered why it took me 15 minutes to change my child...if they only knew.  Thankfully, we knew it was just his meds and not him just being sick.

That continued for the duration of our trip.  We only had one terrible mess when Kevin got completely pooped on while we were riding the train.  I offered to buy him a goofy shirt, but he didn't take me up on the offer and resorted to wearing a jacket. 

Other than Eli not feeling well, we had such a wonderful time.  My girls were in heaven and Disney did not disappoint on the Christmas Magic.  The snow falling on main street while Christmas music played each evening was my favorite. 

We waited over two hours for Eliza to meet Tink and her sister, Periwinkle.  She was star struck for sure.

Ella got to hold Ariel's hand and parade around the restaurantt at our character meal and she couldn't stop gushing.  She has told us that she wants her hair to be redder so it will be more like Ariel's. 

We pushed it hard and did LONG days.  The parks were at capacity packed, yet we still had a great time. We fast passed our way through the parks and did everything we wanted. 

We made memories to last least I have a lot of pictures to prove it!
Day we go!

I loved all the Christmas decorations.

We questioned bringing all the strollers, but we were so thankful we did.

It was COLD in Florida!

Eli loved it all, despite not feeling well.

He caught some cat naps here and there. What a trooper!

Five and three was a great age for meeting the characters. 
Eli liked them as long as they didn't touch him!

The Christmas parade was amazing!

Waiting to meet Tink!

Her little dream come true!

And Ariel...Ella's favorite!

Day 2 Animal Kingdom

My sweet boy!

A little tired on day 2!

Squeezing in the bushes to watch the Animal Kingdom parade.

Mommy was feeling it too!

Day 3 back to the Magic rained a lot!

Freezing, tired and waiting for two hours to watch the light parade.  We took turns holding our
good spot while the other did bathroom trips and got snacks.

Day 4 Epcot

Doing their "Jessie" pose!

Our big princess lunch!

Sweet little Cinderella!

And beautiful Ariel!

And brother who was more concerned with lunch!

Ariel telling her that she looks just like her...made her year!

Still gushing!

We did Disney with three small kids, one sick and lived to blog about it!  What a fun and special time we had together as a family!

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Amy said...

What fun Julie!!! I have wanted to go at Christmas, but thought the crowds would make it not as fun; but maybe will change my mind now :)