Sunday, October 21, 2012

Princess Ella turns 5!

Ella turned 5 at the beginning of October.  It is hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that she is already 5!  She wanted a princess party and had discussed it frequently for about a year, and so we celebrated in true princess fashion! 

Daddy took one for the team and wore his tux.  He greeted the little princesses and served them during the party!


Little Bubs! 

Mimi and Princess Lou Lou reading and acting out the story of Cinderella!

Princess Eliza

At age 5, Ella remains full of life.  She is a leader, strong-willed and artistic.  She loves to be in charge...heaven help us, and is making some big strides lately in obedience!  (I should know better than to write that but I am proud to see some growth there!) She loves to play and she loves being outside and going for bike rides.  Whatever Ella does she does!!    I have no doubt that Ella will do big things one day!  We pray that she will use her leadership and her big personality for the Lord!

  Ella loves taking care of others and is very compassionate.  She really is a great big sister.  Eli calls her name all day long!  Ella and Eliza spend their days playing together!  I love how they watch out for each other and love each other.   

She loves to color and create things. She is reading beginning readers and is beginning to write words.  I love watching her learn. 

I can't believe my big girl is 5!

5 Candles on her cake!

A sign of true love, when they share blowing out their candles.

My favorite picture of the party!!

The tired Mommy and Daddy, who were very happy to have birthday season over for 2012!

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